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Hylden Scientists[1] were an enemy class featured in Blood Omen 2. They were first seen in Chapter 9:the Device and were again encountered in Chapter 11:The Hylden City.


Hylden Scientists were the first Hylden enemies encountered in Blood Omen 2. In Chapter 9:the Device, Kain was warned about the Hylden presence in the device, by The Beast.[2] As Kain descended into the Device, he was able to witness a glyph wright transform into the Hylden Scientist form.[3]

Hylden Scientists were the 'regular' Hylden caste seen in Blood Omen 2 (as opposed to the Hylden warriors), presumably they were responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the Glyph magic network and other Hylden machinery in Nosgoth. To this end, they often ventured out into Meridian in a Human disguise - that of the glyph wrights[Blood Omen 2].

In combat, the Hylden were much more resilient than previously encountered enemies and had a much longer combo attack; as with previous enemies, they usually followed a long combo with a Yellow Power Move or Red Unblockable Attack[4]- though Red Unblockable attacks were noticeably used less often than previous enemies (presumably to encourage players to block and use Rage-dependant Combat Dark Gifts)[Blood Omen 2].


  • Hylden Scientists are generally referred to in-game simply as "Hylden"[2][3][5] (the name for the race), only occasional script references refer to them as Hylden Scientists.[1] Given their role, they are assumed to be scientists and engineers. Debug information labels them "hylwor"[Blood Omen 2].
  • Artwork by Steve Ross for Blood Omen 2 depicts the Hylden Scientists as one of five Hylden Castes planned for Blood Omen 2; Hylden warriors can be seen in the illustration, but the other castes are unidentified.[6]
  • The Builder, seen in Chapter 8:The Eternal Prison, shares a Hylden Scientist character model, though the Builder's has subtle differences such as markings, skin colour and lack of glowing eyes[Blood Omen 2].
  • Though implied to be the alter-ego of the glyph wrights seen in earlier chapters, the two classes actually behave markedly differently; notably if approached (such as through the use of the Bonus mode) glyph wrights will respond like NPC's, ignoring Kain and responding to aggression with fear (even using a Human voice)[Blood Omen 2].
  • Both the Hylden Scientists and Warriors can be seen in 'suspended animation' in special pods in Chapter 9: The Device ; though the exact purpose of these is unclear[Blood Omen 2].
  • Comments made by Hylden Scientists in the Hylden City may suggest that the Hylden have been taking slaves from the human populace since a very early stage in their evolutionary history and may have a large influence on human history.[1]

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