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Hylden Revenants were a Revenant enemy class encountered in Legacy of Kain: Defiance. Hylden Revenants were created by Hylden entering the Material Realm through Possession of Hylden corpses, Hylden Revenants were the strongest of the Revenant types seen in Defiance. The creation of these Revenants required Hylden corpses, hence they were only seen in later chapters.


Hylden Revenants were the most powerful of the 'resurrected' Revenant classes encountered by Raziel in Defiance stronger than both Human revenants and Vampire revenants. They were created when a Hylden soul crossed over from the Demon Realm into the Material Realm and Possessed the corpse of a deceased Hylden and their respective strength was caused by the 'resonance' of a Hylden Soul with a Hylden body. Once possessed they could then rise from the grave to attack those above.[Defiance][Defiance strategy guide]

A Hylden Revenant in Defiance

Hylden Revenants were the last of the Revenant classes to be encountered in Defiance, only being seen in the penultimate chapter Battle Kain as Raziel returned to Vorador's Mansion in the Blood Omen era. They were frequently encountered as one of the most powerful enemies in the mansion.[Defiance][Defiance/12][Defiance strategy guide]

Like Human revenants and Vampire revenants, the Hylden Revenants resembled decayed corpses - this time of ancient Hylden - but unlike their predecessors the combined effect of the 'resonance' of the possession and the ancient 'pre-banishment' Hylden corpses gave a much less decayed look compared to other Revevnant classes and even the later Demon Realm banished Hylden seen in Blood Omen 2.[Defiance][Blood Omen 2] The Hylden Revenants bore green skin-like remains and featured prominent wide green crests sprouting from the back of the shoulders and tridactyl claws visible on the hands and feet. They notably wore gold metallic armor including pauldrons, a gorget and headgear with patterned designs engraved on them. The rest of the torso was wrapped in white bandages, although the weapon-bearing arm notably bore a golden forearm and wrist guard. The lower body consisted of a red kilt-like garment worn beneath the waist with white cloth trailing between the legs. The rest of the legs and feet were bare save for a golden ankle guard. Like the other Revenants the Hylden Revenants had a somewhat decayed face along with the trademark green glowing eyes indicating Hylden possession. Typically they would wield bladed or mace-like weapons.[Defiance][Defiance/12][Defiance strategy guide]


[Defiance strategy guide]


  • Although Raziel is confined to the use of specific Burial sites to revive himself, Revenants are able to manifest and control corpses in several areas that do not contain these sites. Conversely they are often not seen in areas with burial sites.[Defiance]
  • Legacy of Kain: Defiance: Prima's Official Strategy Guide gives further backgrounds to the Revenants suggesting that most of the Revenants are "ancient corpses... buried from long forgotten battles". Additionally the guide mentions that "The perfect resonance of host and soul provides the Hylden Revenant with undead strength and agility surpassing that of the lesser Revenants. Additionally this resonance amplifies and projects the Hylden Revenants anger and insanity, wreathing their new physical body in a berserker rage."[Defiance strategy guide]
  • Hylden Revenants provide a rare opportunity to see the ancient Hylden in the flesh - albeit heavily decayed. Compared to the emaciated post-banishment Hylden seen in Blood Omen 2 the ancient Revenants an be seen to have a much more colorful skin tone, fuller crests and more elaborate clothing. All of which suggest a heavy toll taken from the corruption of the Demon Realm. murals in Blood Omen 2 also suggest a much fairer race before their banishment.[Defiance][Blood Omen 2]

Various Hylden concepts from Blood Omen 2 including a potential Revenant

  • Blood Omen 2 concepts posted by Blood Omen 2 developer Steve Ross appear to show five different Hylden castes planned for that title, where only two appeared in the final game. One caste depicts a skeletal figure emerging from a portal and could suggest an early design that eventually became the Defiance Revenants [2]
  • The background of the Hylden Revenants suggests that they would technically be classified as a form of Undead creature. Revenants however do not share the Black blood typically associated with the undead, instead having regular Red blood.[Defiance]


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