The Hylden King was a boss character designed by Andez Gaston for Ritual Entertainment's cancelled game, Legacy of Kain: The Dark Prophecy. He and the Hylden Queen were the rulers of the Hylden kingdom, and "this powerful duo ... would push Kain to his limits."[Forum/DCabDesign]

Development[edit | edit source]

On November 25, 2007, Andez Gaston posted concept art of the character to the portfolio blog he shared with his brother, Anderson Gaston, under the heading "Hylden boss," and the title "hylden+king". Legacy of Kain community members Lord Onatu and Divine Shadow/Mama Robotnik publicized the sketch at Nosgothic Realm in February 2009, and NeoGAF in July 2010, respectively.[Forum/Nosgothic Realm][Forum/NeoGAF]

Andez Gaston subsequently commented on the art at Nosgothic Realm:[Forum/Nosgothic Realm]

... All of these sketches of the hylden were really just idea sketches. ... None of these were to be solid designs due to none of the characters really being defined personality wise. ...
―Andez "dez" Gaston[Forum/Nosgothic Realm]
As far as i can recall from 6 years ago. A story had not been written so the characters were never given actual names or personalities. As far as why the pre-banished hylden are tossed around. It's proven that people relate more to characters that are able to show emotion(especially since LOK is a story and narrative driven game). You can't really relate to a character if they were all in the demonform or mangled. Unfortunately I can't recall too much more than that. sorry
―Andez "dez" Gaston[Forum/Nosgothic Realm]

Legacy of Kain: Defiance art director Daniel Cabuco, who served as a consultant on the project, explained the role of the Hylden King at his personal forum:

... Dark Prophecy would have concerned the Hylden, the Demon Realm, and Hylden King. ...
―Daniel Cabuco[Forum/DCabDesign]
... There was to be a Royal family of bosses, along with a strong demon bosses as well. We didn't work out the Queen having sisters per se, but she was to have a lot of relatives (daughters, sons, brothers or sisters). The King was physically more powerful while the Queen was more gifted in spellcraft. It's this powerful duo that would push Kain to his limits. ...
―Daniel Cabuco[Forum/DCabDesign]

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