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The Hylden Gate was a major location in Blood Omen 2 and important piece of Hylden technology that allowed the post-banishment Hylden to cross from the Demon Realm to the Material Realm via a large 'portal'. The Gate was featured in the finale of Chapter 11:The Hylden City and was the location of the final battle with the Sarafan Lord, where it was closed and destroyed with Kain's use of the Nexus Stone.

Layout and History[]

The Hylden Gate was a large portal to the Demon Realm present in a dedicated wing of the Hylden City, it was presumably 'activated' by the Hylden Lord/Sarafan Lord some time after the Collapse of the Pillars.[1][2] It was used by the Hylden Lord over many years to bring to Nosgoth the various Hylden and associated Demons (glyph wrights/Hylden scientists, Hylden warriors, Lesser demons and Greater demons) that helped in his control of Nosgoth and the Sarafan (in the guise of the Sarafan Lord); it may also have been used originally to bring the Sarafan Lord's Hylden body into the Material Realm. The Gate had been open for some centuries before Kain learnt of its existence (from Janos in Chapter 9:the Device).[1][3]

In Chapter 11:The Hylden City, Kain travelled to the Hylden City, attempting to stop a direct invasion through the Hylden Gate[4][5] and found that, (like much of the Hylden City) the bridge leading to the 'hylden gate wing' was broken and it was impossible to progress to the Hylden Gate.[6] Shortly afterward, Kain was able to deactivate the Shield Generator, allowing Janos and Vorador to Teleport to the Hylden City. After a short confrontation with the Sarafan Lord (and injuries to both Janos and Vorador), Janos Teleported Kain to the 'hylden gate wing',[7] where he was able to proceed through an 'entrance building', out to a pier (presumably surrounded by the Great Southern Sea) that led to the domed Hylden Gate building (complete with an ominous green cloud emerging from the roof of the building)[Blood Omen 2].

Kain entered the building and activated a large 'chain elevator' inside the building and was able to descend, through green mists, into a large open space, with several floating rocks and a large square walkway (of artificial construction), suspended above the Hylden Gate itself. Kain fought the Sarafan Lord on these walkways (see also Sarafan Lord (boss)[Blood Omen 2]),

Kain temporarily succeeded in knocking the Sarafan Lord into the portal to the Demon Realm, only for the him to reappear on the walkways. Realising the stalemate, Kain dropped the Nexus Stone into the portal, ensuring that, regardless of his own health, the gate would close and kill all Hylden in the Material Realm (but at the cost of his protection from the Soul Reaver). As the Gate began to close and the walkways began to collapse, Janos Teleported to the gate and interfered in the battle, causing the Sarafan Lord to throw Janos into the closing Hylden Gate, sealing him into the Demon Realm; but allowing Kain to recover the Soul Reaver.

As the Gate collapsed, Kain and the Sarafan Lord jumped back to the 'chain elevator', where Kain, armed with the Soul Reaver (and finally able to use its power), easily defeated the Sarafan Lord, impaling him with the Reaver. As Kain walked away from the Hylden Gate building it exploded into green flame and disintegrated[Blood Omen 2].


  • The water level around much of the Hylden City (presumably all the Great Southern Sea) appear to vary throughout Chapter 11 - Kain arrives at sea level, descends several levels in an elevator and arrives at the 'main square' (which is at the water level) and he seems to descend slightly more before arriving at the Hylden Gate Building - which is again at sea level. Given that once he entered the 'Hylden Gate building', Kain again descended using an elevator - it would appear that the main portal area was in fact under the water level[Blood Omen 2].
  • The Hylden Gate appears to be orientated horizontally, raising questions as to how the Hylden were expected to exit the portal (Janos 'imprisonment' shows that, despite the floating rocks, gravity is still functioning above the portal). The Sarafan Lord provides one possible solution in hisboss battle; where heTeleports back through the gate after being knocked off the walkways into the portal[Blood Omen 2]. When encountering a similarly horizontally orientated Time Portal in Defiance, Kain 'drops' into the portal from above and is ejected 'upwards' into the same room in a different time; with enough force to reach the edge of the portal[Defiance]. This may also be true of the Hylden Gate and may explain the purpose of the walkways in the gate[Blood Omen 2], Or it may be like the Water Forge Portal in Defiance, where Raziel enters from above it in a Horizontal position and exits via walking out vertically.



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