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The human revolt as depicted in Legacy of Kain: Defiance.

The human revolt was mentioned and depicted in Legacy of Kain: Defiance, and took place before Nosgoth's recorded history. It marked a schism waged within the Circle of Nine, and was the earliest of many significant clashes between Nosgoth's humans and vampires.

The Vampire-Hylden war concluded with the Genesis of the Pillars, a victory for the Ancient vampires over their Hylden foes, but their race fell victim to the Hylden's revenge: the blood curse and sterility. Vampire Guardians could no longer be culled to sustain the Binding, and humans began to replace them. To perpetuate their race, the vampires abducted the human Guardians, imposing the curse of vampirism upon them as they came of age. The humans resented this practice, and eventually united in a concerted rebellion to overthrow the vampires.

Led by the Time and Death Guardians, Moebius and Mortanius, the humans ousted the ancient vampires from the Circle, and claimed the Pillars for their own. In truth, it was the Elder God – having forsaken his apostate vampire disciples – who orchestrated the uprising, through Moebius.


"This history, in part, I knew already... How, as the Vampires began to die out, the Pillars summoned human Guardians to fulfill their roles. It seemed the ancient vampires had adopted – and, when necessary, abducted – the human Guardians, and made vampires of them when they came of age. Until the humans rebelled against their masters... And here I made a surprising discovery: it was Moebius the Time Streamer, and Mortanius, Guardian of Death, who led the bloody revolt. Now I understood why Moebius hated me so intensely. I was the first vampire Guardian in all these centuries – and he knew what my coming signified... or perhaps I reminded him of all he had forsaken."

Not Competent to Serve[]

"As our race dwindled, the humans prospered. I have watched, over the centuries, as our history faded into myth, and finally receded altogether.
The humans have forgotten us entirely, and claimed the Pillars for themselves – wholly ignorant of their true purpose.
To them, I am merely a 'devil'; the origin of their vampire 'plague'."
―Janos Audron — Listen (file info)[src]

Wrong to Overthrow Them[]

"Why then did you allow the Pillars to fall into human hands?"
"It was a necessary evil. Our immortality banished us from God's grace – He turned His sight from us, and fell silent. Many took their own lives, unable to bear the separation from our God."
―Janos Audron[src]







"Moebius was introduced to the Elder God when he lived among the Vampires of the Citadel. The Elder God spoke to him even after he stopped communicating with the Vampires. The human revolt was orchestrated through Moebius by The Elder God."
Amy Hennig[1]
"Well the human guardians were abducted as children and raised by religious zealots bent on enslaving them as servants to the Pillars and Vampyre Cast. That didn't sit well with them, ever. Likely there was a fair amount of abuse in their upbringing. I think they were allies before the rebellion. They were probably isolated from each other the first few years, but learned of each other's existence and became friends secretly before the formal introductions."
Daniel Cabuco[1]
"The Staff of Moebius was created during the time of the Ancient vampires, when they were experimenting with Necromancy and Soul Stealing. The Orb itself was created within the forges of their Weaponsmiths and Necromancers (partially driven mad by the whispering Elder God) and imbued with the ability to possess the hearts of other Vampires. It's forged out of a giant Pearl, the only one in existence, and imbued with magics that made it crystal clear with a pearlescent blue finish. The snake represents the snuffing of the their hearts, as if paralyzed by venom, then slowly crushed and devoured. This is the pain Kain felt in his chest when he first encountered it, and why he was unable to even move despite being one of the strongest vampires to ever exist.
"Whichever Vampire held this could manipulate, perhaps even rule over others. Moebius was given the knowledge of this weapon by the Elder. Once he had it, starting the uprising against the Vampires became much easier. (I imagine it took him much time to find a way to get close enough to it to seize possession)
"Hope that sheds light on the subject. If you have further questions about it, please feel free to ask. :)"
Daniel Cabuco[1]


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