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"It seemed my method of entering the physical realm was not altogether original. But where had these beings come from?"

Human Revenants were a Revenant enemy variant encountered in Legacy of Kain: Defiance and the most basic of the Revenant enemy classes. Created by Hylden Souls entering the Material Realm through the Possession of a Human Corpse, Human Revenants were commonly encountered Raziel's chapters in the Blood Omen era at the Cemetery and Pillars of Nosgoth.


Human Revenants were the most basic of the Revenant classes encountered by Raziel in Defiance. They were created when a Hylden soul crossed over from the Demon Realm into the Material Realm and Possessed the corpse of a deceased human. They could then rise from the grave to attack those above.[Defiance][Defiance strategy guide]

Revenants were first encountered in the chapter Find the Path to the Pillars as Raziel explored the Cemetery in the Blood Omen era. Denied the Planar portals necessary for Shifting into the Material Realm, Raziel sound found that he could use Burial sites to possess the corpses within. Soon after he discovered that his new method of crossing realms was not altogether unique as he was confronted by a group of Human Revenants raised from the corpses interred in the Cemetery. Thereafter Human Revenants frequently confronted Raziel - predominantly through the human controlled areas of Nosgoth. They were only encountered in the Material Realm and frequenly used Combat barriers to corner their prey.[Defiance][Defiance/4][Defiance/6][Defiance/8][Defiance/10][Defiance/12][Defiance strategy guide]

Two variants of human revenants were encountered in game. A more decayed version consisted of a flayed corpse with exposed and decomposing tissues and skeletal remains - all of which had rotted into a brown shade with small tufts of hair and skin still visible. A second variant was less decayed and still bore skin, clothes and thinning hair from life - although its appearance was still somewhat decomposed, pale, lifeless and zombie-like. Both variants usually had green eyes indicating Hylden possession and could appear either unarmed or wielding bladed weapons. Notably the decayed version was seen more often as the game progressed, with few of the clothed version seen outside of the Cemetery.[Defiance]


A Human Revenant using Grave Spit


Various Hylden concepts from Blood Omen 2 including a potential Revenant

  • Blood Omen 2 concepts posted by Blood Omen 2 developer Steve Ross appear to show five different Hylden castes planned for that title, where only two appeared in the final game. One caste depicts a skeletal figure emerging from a portal and could suggest an early design that eventually became the Defiance Revenant [2]
  • The background of the Human Revenants suggests that they would technically be classified as a form of Undead creature. Revenants however do not share the Black blood typically associated with the undead, instead having regular Red blood.[Defiance]


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