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Health power-up piece

"These artefacts enhance your stamina, enabling you to prolong your material manifestation. Gather five to complete the emblem and thereby augment your strength." - Elder God

Health power-ups are triangular golden pieces scattered across the land in Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver. Once five are gathered, they increase the length of Raziel´s health coil in the material realm. Raziel can increase his health up to three times as there are total 15 pieces to collect. Their origin is unclear.


Health power ups in the alpha

Although most collectibles are absent from the Soul Reaver alphas the prototype design for the Health power ups can be seen in the Ring menu where they appear as a much more golden colored kite shaped object.


The power-up emblem has a symbol of a spiral, a recurring symbol throughout the series.

Health power-up emblem

In the early beta version, the health upgrades are only collectible in the material realm.


Health power-ups locations[]