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"The book spoke of the birth of the Circle. The Circle served the Pillars, protectorates to the strange power that gives life to our land. At the unlikely death of a member, the Circle remains broken for a time, until the Pillars can cull a worthy successor.
I came upon another book of interest buried deep amongst the library's tomes. It spoke of a small cult that existed in Nosgoth, ages past. Wherever they traveled strange tales of human possession would follow. Little is known of the god they worshipped."
―Kain — Listen (file info)[src]

The Hash'ak'gik cult was a secret sect of humans who venerated the dark god Hash'ak'gik in the ages up to the events of Blood Omen. Unbeknownst to its members, the cult was merely an elaborate facade masterminded by the Hylden, who sought to trigger the fall of the Pillars of Nosgoth and thereby escape the Binding. It largely operated from Avernus in the Blood Omen era, and was orchestrated by the Hylden Lord from the Demon Realm.

The Hylden maintained their front by possessing their human, Material Realm followers, including members of the Circle of Nine - Azimuth and Mortanius. The "deity" referred to as Hash'ak'gik was, in fact, Turel, a vampire summoned from the events of Soul Reaver, who was similarly possessed to intimidate and control disciples. As a Hylden vector, the cult represented a pivotal component in the plan towards the corruption, and, ultimately, the collapse of the Pillars.


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