Hang-gliding was an ability slated for Raziel in pre-production on Legacy of Kain: Defiance. Despite "prolonged" planning, it was cut from the finished product.

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In a designer diary, Legacy of Kain: Defiance lead designer Riley Cooper discussed the cut ability. He wrote that "Defiance started with a less than ideal pre-production period. Less than ideal because of what we were able to take away from it after a year of effort. On the bright side, pre-production did help us to eliminate quite a few ideas. One prolonged experiment was giving Raziel hang-gliding like physics. This was fun in and of itself, but turned out to be too difficult to integrate with the rest of the game. In order to set-up the environments and camera for it to work, the spaces would have to be quite open and large, and there were not enough different setups that the gliding made possible".[1]

There are no known screenshots or images depicting Raziel with this ability, but there are cutscenes in the Underworld and Vorador's Mansion where he is seen using unusual gliding and jumping abilities which are normally inaccessible to the player.[Defiance/2][Defiance/8]

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