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The 'Gunship' is a unique enemy (unnamed in game) that is featured in Blood Omen 2. It is encountered only once, patrolling part of the waters in Chapter 10:the Wharves, particularly defending those around the Southern Docks, where ships were headed to the Hylden City .

The ship behaves similarly to an enemy character, patrolling the last part of the Wharves and attacking Kain on sight. When Kain strayed too close to the Gunship, the turret on the ship would lock onto Kain and shoot 'fire arrows' at him, at roughly double the rate of the Sarafan Archers[Blood Omen 2].

The Ship patrolled only the last section of the level, constantly circling one of the last 'islands' to catch intruders. Kain had no means to destroy the ship and it could not be attacked in any fashion.[1]


  • The Gunship is not named in any official sources and its name is conjecture. Prima's Blood Omen 2 Guide refers it as "Archers..shoot[ing] arrows at you from passing ships".[2]
  • Control Station users can water invulnerability to get closer to the ship - it cannot be landed on as it has 'invisible walls' around it, but it can be viewed from underneath. This reveals that the ship is in fact hollow and has no crew whatsoever, the turret of the ship will continue to fire (even down 'through' the ship itself and the water) to reach Kain.[Blood Omen 2]


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