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Groundlings, also known as Demon Spawn or Small Demons, were a small Demon variant enemy created by Fire Demons in Soul Reaver 2.


Groundlings were small red-skinned Demons, they were limbless, with their only features being a spiked tail and a head with a large mouth and several fang-like teeth. Groundlings were spawned by Fire demons when Raziel was at longer ranges, apparently from some markings on their navel.[Soul Reaver 2]

Groundlings were perhaps the weakest of the enemies encountered by Raziel in Soul Reaver 2, with little attacking power by themselves, though their association with the powerful Fire demons potentially made them a dangerous pest. They were incredibly quick using their tails to propel themselves along the ground in a 'slithering' motion. Once within range, they would 'stand up' on their tails and jump at Raziel in a biting attack (or simply 'roar' if they were unable to attack). Though incredibly quick, Groundlings were fragile, requiring only a single strike to kill and feed on their souls[Soul Reaver 2 strategy guide (Prima)][1][Soul Reaver 2].Like all demons Raziel fought in Soul Reaver 2, they could follow him to the Spectral Realm.[Soul Reaver 2 manual][Soul Reaver 2 strategy guide (Prima)][1][Soul Reaver 2]

Groundlings were among the rarest of the enemy classes in Soul Reaver 2, with their appearance only occasionally triggered when facing Fire demons at the appropriate range. They could first be encountered, along with the first Fire demon at the Pillars in the Era following Blood Omen and could also be encountered along with the Fire demon appearances in the Mountains and Uschtenheim[Soul Reaver 2].


  • Like other Demon variants, Fire Demons were presumably native to the Demon Realm and affiliated with the Hylden.
  • Daniel Cabuco's former online portfolio refers to the Groundlings as "Small Demons" and depicts a much more elaborate method of attacking Raziel - with a 'swarm' of groundlings 'ganging up' and immobilizing Raziel in preparation from a fire attack from the parent Fire Demon.[2] Multiple groundlings would seem unlikely to achieve in the final game with Fire demons apparently only being able to produce one Groundling each, though pre-release screenshots show this to have been technically possible in at least one previous build of the game[Soul Reaver 2].


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