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Fury was a Dark Gift used by Kain in Blood Omen 2 . It was one of only two that he started with in Blood Omen 2 (The Other being Mist).

Kain was able to use Fury from the outset of Blood Omen 2 [1]and he was 'taught' about the use of the Dark Gift during Umah's tutorial in Chapter 1: the Slums[Blood Omen 2][2]. Fury was a basic combat Dark Gift, that required Kain's Rage bar to be filled to a certain level (about half filled) by blocking enemy attacks. When Rage reached the appropriate level, Kain (and his weapon, if armed) would glow red allowing Kain to utilise a single unblockable attack[3][1][2]. Though still accessible later in the game, Fury was effectively superseded by the more powerful combat Dark Gift Berserk[Blood Omen 2].


  • Fury is not commented upon in an manner in game and it is given no verbal introduction by Umah in her tutorial, with only an on-screen prompt introducing the attack when Umah takes Kain to practice his combat skills on a gang of criminals[Blood Omen 2][2]. When Umah later introduces Dark Gifts to Kain, she implies Mist is the only Dark Gift possessed by Kain[4].
  • Fury is effectively Kain's equivalent to the Unblockable Red Power Moves used by several enemy characters and accordingly the red glow seen when Kain activated Fury is also seen in a many enemies as they execute unblockable attacks. Fury's status as a vampiric 'Dark Gift' means the enemies utilising similar appearing 'red' attacks (including humans and the Sarafan Lord himself) cannot be using the same attack[Blood Omen 2].
  • The fact that Kain begins the game with this attack is odd, because that implies he gained it previous to his defeat by The Sarafan Lord and he is never seen to gain it at any stage in Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain (or even a similar attack.) He must presumably have gained it between games; after the end of Blood Omen, but before Blood Omen 2.
  • In real terms, the reason for the unexplained addition of 'Fury', is that it was not originally intended to be present and was only added fairly late in the development process, presumably when the stealth aspects of the game were dropped in favour of combat.[5]

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