"Our futures are predestined. Moebius foretold mine a millennium ago. We each play out the parts fate has written for us. We are compelled ineluctably down pre-ordained paths. Free will is an illusion."
Kain to Raziel[src]

Free will is the ability of beings to make their own choices free of outside influences.

Within the Legacy of Kain universe, the Wheel of Fate describes the paths that all creatures and Souls in Nosgoth will follow and compels them to follow it; thus, no one in Nosgoth truly possesses free will. Furthermore, due to the "inevitability" of fate, time travelers are unable to actually alter history unless they utilize a Soul Reaver Paradox.

Due to his resurrection as a Wraith, Raziel has been ostensibly rendered exempt from the Wheel of Fate, thus making him the only creature in the world that truly has free will.

"Because of your remaking, you are the one unbound creature, the one among us all that truly has free will. You have a choice, Raziel!"
―Kain tells Raziel of his free will[src]


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