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The Force Glyph was a Glyph spell acquired by Raziel in Soul Reaver.


The Glyph was found in the Melchahim Territory, but only after killing Melchiah and obtaining the ability to Phase Through Gates. The entrance to the glyph was in the lake area with a single rock pillar in the middle. The puzzle required Raziel to push over all  three columns down. The glyph could be used to perform a telekinetic shockwave that threw enemies into hazards and potentially kill them. The projectile itself, however, caused only a minor damage. The Force Glyph required just 1 point of Eldritch Energy for casting, thus it had the smallest cost out of all glyphs except the Plane Shift glyph which had no cost at all.



Soul Reaver Alpha - Glyphs

(by Raina Audron)

In the Soul Reaver alphas the Force Glyph is a much more powerful glyph being one of the most powerful rather than the weakest it is in retail. The Force Glyph Altar is one that changes location - in the alpha it is underwater and found in a cave in the Drowned Abbey, whereas in retail it's accessed from the lake of the Necropolis

The Force Glyph is illustrated on the alpha Ring Menu by a similar icon to its retail counterpart with overlaid angular T forming a hexagonal shape with a diamond at the center - an even earlier version of this menu can be seen in video previews. In retail the symbol was developed and refined with the T shapes extended and crossing in the center.

The effect of the Glyph also changes: in the alpha Raziel merely extends both his arms upwards into a Y shape producing a white ring of expanding energy, while in retail he spins going partially transparent with blue lighting emerging before extending his arms with knees bent producing a flash of white energy which extended quickly outward.

Waves of telekinetic force rush out from the spell's epicenter, knocking all affected enemies backward as they're impacted. Telekinetically flung enemies may end up damaged or destroyed, depending on what they're flung into - an enemy may be slammed into a wall (stunning/damaging it), or onto spikes, into water, through a window, etc. (killing it).
―Steve Starvis (Eidos)[1]


Possible Nupraptor bust in Force Glyph Shrine

At the far end of the room there was a large stone head, strongly resembling Nupraptor with eyes sewn shut. They eyes open if Raziel solves the puzzle and beams of light shot out to the middle of the room.

The Force Glyph is the only Glyph spell inSoul Reaver that was not originally planned to have an accompanying wraith-blade enhancement.