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The Flame Reaver enhancement, also known as the Conflict Reaver enhancement, was an augmentation for The Reaver used by Kain in Legacy of Kain: Defiance. Presumably created by the Ancient vampires, Kain gained the enhancement when he acquired the Flame fragment of the Balance Emblem .


The Flame enhancement was the second Reaver enhancement gained by Kain in Defiance. Kain found the enhancement in Chapter 3 as he investigated the Sarafan Stronghold and discovered the Flame fragment of the Balance Emblem in the gatehouse area of the stronghold. Collecting the fragment, Kain found it had endowed the Reaver with elemental Fire upgrading its power[Defiance][Defiance/3].

The Flame Reaver in the artifact room

The Flame enhancement caused the Reaver blade to glow with orange energies and once found this enhancement endowed the Reaver with Fire and also enhanced Kain's telekinetic abilities enabling him to light Fire sconces. In combat, its charged attacks dealt further damage by burning enemies and setting them aflame, whilst its Reaver Spell caused enemies to attack each other for a short time[Defiance][Defiance strategy guide].


  • The Flame Reaver enhancement is titled simply as "Flame" in the inventory and the Prima Guide[Defiance][Defiance strategy guide], but is also known as the "Flame Reaver".[1]

    The Flame enhancement in the inventory

  • The Flame enhancement is also associated with Conflict and the Pillar of Conflict and it is named the "Conflict Pillar" in the Debug Menu - with this affiliation perhaps hinted by its Reaver Spell. Strangely it is referred to as "reaver_human" in game files[Defiance].
  • Though it is not named as such the Flame enhancement's Reaver Spell is virtually identical to the Inspire Hate incantation from Blood Omen[Blood Omen].
  • Given Moebius' reaction to Kain's possession of this fragment of the Balance Emblem, it is likely he placed this and the Balance Fragments in the Sarafan Stronghold for Kain to find[Defiance/3].

Flame fragment symbol

The Flame fragment of the Balance Emblem

The Flame Fragment was a fragment of the Balance Emblem found by Kain in the Sarafan Stronghold . It was a powerful relic that imbued the Reaver blade with the elemental property of flame, adding flame and heat to the physical damage done by the blade, as well as giving Kain pyrokinetic abilities.



The Flame Fragment was closely connected to the Pillar of Conflict (after which it was named in the debug menus) . When fully charged with blood it could create an aura of immense hate, causing enemies to attack each other in a fury and abandon all defense. This mimicked the Inspire Hate spell.

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