The Fire Glyph shrine was accessed by swimming through a flooded tunnel in the Razielim Territory.

The main chamber of the Fire Glyph area has several stone slabs with the symbols of Fire Glyph and two vampire murals. In order to obtain the Fire Glyph, Raziel must light up a basket held by a statue of a four-armed demon. Once ignited, the demon statue wakes up and fire blazes throughout the Fire Glyph sanctuary, igniting all fire holders in the area.


The Fire Glyph Altar area consisted of several areas. The main chamber had a pool with a tunnel, was decorated with vampire murals and served as a hub to access 4 different branches. One of the doorways lead above the altar room, to a room with a crank on the wall opposite a fast closing door. Raziel had to shift to spectral fast to prevent the door from shutting. The second corridor led to a large circular room with pillars. When in spectral realm, the pillars would lower to various heights, allowing Raziel to jump across to the small chamber with a fire source. This room was also decorated with a vampire mural and writing on its back wall. The main Fire Glyph altar consisted of a smaller antechamber and a longer corridor with pillars standing on both sides. The demon statue was sitting on a stone slab holding a brazier.


The demon statue resembles the demons found in Spirit forges, but is unknown if the similarity is coincidental.

The Fire Glyph area is sometimes displayed in the debug menu under "Dark Eden" section, implying that it was possibly meant to be located near Turel´s Smokestack area at some point.


  • Vampire mural 1
  • Vampire mural 2
  • Fire Glyph symbol


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