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This entry regards the fourth level of Defiance ; for entries in the Dark Chronicle, see Dark Chronicle (term)

Chapter 4: Find a path to the Pillars, also known as Chapter 4: Raziel - The Cemetery, was the fourth level of Legacy of Kain: Defiance. It followed Raziel as he entered the Material Realm and attempted to leave the Cemetery on the path to the Pillars of Nosgoth.


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Dialogue: The Cemetery[]

Raziel (V. O.): There had to be a way to escape the spirit world, without the help my master was pleased to deny me. Only in the material realm would I have a chance to seek my destiny – or change it.
[Raziel comes upon the sealed gate to the Pillars vista.]
Raziel (V. O.): An ancient gate, sealed by the powers of Light and Darkness, barred the way to the Pillars beyond. To depart this place and continue my journey, I would have to find the means to open it.
[Raziel drops down into the mausoleum's entrance chamber. He approaches one of the central caskets.]
Raziel (V. O.): In this crypt, I discovered ethereal gases rising from the moldering corpse within. As I neared, I felt a distinct spiritual pull – and the closer I approached, the more that pull intensified...
[Raziel gathers himself, projecting his energy down into the site where the corpse-gasses are rising. This first attempt is tentative and awkward. The room morphs from spectral to material, and the animated corpse rises grotesquely from its grave. Raziel staggers for a moment, then tears the corpse's flesh away, to reveal his own form beneath.]
Raziel (V. O.): In the end, it was not difficult. I projected myself down into that tomb and found myself reborn into the material world. It was a loathsome vessel – but with an effort of will, that too could change.
[Raziel approaches a doorway with gargoyle heads mounted on both sides of it.]
Raziel (V. O.): These gargoyles quickened as I drew near, triggering the door to close. I would need to find some means of approaching the door without being observed.
[As Raziel exits the mausoleum, he is immediately confronted with the material reality of the cemetery – it is patrolled by vampire hunters. A group of them are gathered around a campfire. Raziel approaches close enough to overhear their discussion.]
Male Vampire Hunter: – she says she won't go near the place.
Female Vampire Hunter: I tell you the Pillars are haunted.
Male Vampire Hunter: Haunted!
Female Vampire Hunter: I heard a woman's voice, talking and moaning – and there was no one there.
Male Vampire Hunter: How many vampires have you killed? And you can't face down one ghost?
Raziel (V. O.): I knew who these were: vampire hunters, scouring the countryside, destroying what had once been my kind.
[He steps out of hiding. One of the vampire hunters sees him and scrambles to her feet.]
Female Vampire Hunter: My god – what is that? A vampire? Or a demon?
Male Vampire Hunter: Where?
Raziel: Here.
[The others get up.]
Female Vampire Hunter: Get him!
Male Vampire Hunter: Quickly! No mercy!
[Raziel defeats the vampire hunters.]
Raziel (V. O.): These were Moebius's hunters – mercenaries enlisted in his crusade to exterminate the vampires. His insignia was unmistakable... But this meant I'd been captive in the underworld for centuries. I had lost five hundred years.
[Raziel turns and looks up at the Pillars, visible above the horizon.]
Raziel (V. O.): Then I knew what ghost it was that haunted the Pillars – Ariel, the specter of the murdered Balance Guardian. Perhaps she could provide the answers I sought. But first I would have to find a way out of this cemetery...
[Foreshadowing high Dark and Light Temples:]
Raziel (V. O.): This temple's facade hinted at some ancient Vampire origin – for it bore the sign of the Reaver, and was marked with the elemental symbol of Light. The mystery of the Reaver might be answered within... but this edifice was too high for me to reach.
Raziel (V. O.): Another temple, this one marked with the elemental symbol of Darkness. This edifice, like the other one, was too high for me to reach.
[As Raziel re-enters the crypt where he discovered the phantom planar portal, a number of Revenants begin bursting out of the floor and walls, their eyes burning with green fire. Simultaneously, magical green barriers appear over Raziel's exits, trapping him within the room.]
Hylden 1: Raziel...
Hylden 2: Raziel...
Hylden 1: Fallen hero...
Hylden 3: Renegade and traitor...
Raziel: What is this? How do you know me?
Hylden 1: Raziel, what are you?
Hylden 4: Why should any know your name?
Hylden 2: You are nothing...
Raziel (V. O.): It seemed my method of entering the physical realm was not altogether original. But where had these beings come from?
[Raziel fights and defeats the Revenants.]
[Raziel comes across a door sealed with the Darkness symbol.]
Raziel (V. O.): The Reaver did not seem to activate this orb. I had to find the means to enhance the blade further.
[Raziel sees the Light Forge facade.]
Raziel (V. O.): This edifice, marked with the elemental Light symbol, was clearly much older than the ruins in the rest of the cemetery. The door was far too high to reach. And to open it, it seemed the Reaver would need to be imbued with the power of Darkness. Clearly I had more to accomplish before I could discover what lay within.
[Approaching a stone monument that must be climbed to reach the cliff above:]
Raziel (V. O.): Perhaps in the spectral realm this would no longer prove an obstacle.
[In an ancient chamber, Raziel finds and is able to activate a portal.]
Raziel (V. O.): As I stepped through, I felt a sense of displacement, as some arcane sorcery transported me away.

Dialogue: The Vampire Citadel's Dark Forge[]

[Raziel arrives in the Dark-themed area of the Guardian Citadel.]
Raziel (V. O.): This was clearly some ancient ruin of the Vampire civilization. Perhaps here I would finally decipher the riddle of my destiny.

Dark Chronicle: Mural: The raising of the Pillars[]

Raziel (V. O.): Throughout these ruins I found murals depicting the seminal events of Vampire history. These scenes commemorated a great war between the Ancient Vampires and their rivals. In triumph, they banished their adversaries from the world, and raised the Pillars as the lock that binds them.

Dark Chronicle: Mural: The Vampires' prophesied hero[]

Raziel (V. O.): The image of the Reaver was inscribed throughout this place, always depicted with reverence. The Vampires' holy weapon was destined to be borne by their prophesied hero, for whom it was forged. But if this was my destiny, why had the Reaver tried to consume me?

Dark Chronicle: Mural: The summoning of the Guardians[]

Raziel (V. O.): This scene depicted the appointment of the original Vampire guardians. Each summoned to serve when the Pillars were raised. Each Guardian is aligned to the principle of the Pillar he serves, and the Balance Guardian is the axis of them all.

Dialogue: The Vampire Citadel's Dark Forge[]

Raziel (V. O.): At last it was done: the Reaver was forged with Darkness. As I felt this new power coursing within the wraith blade, I knew that now the Light temple would open to me.

Dialogue: The Cemetery[]

[Raziel returns to the cemetery and enters a passage that has been made accessible by imbuing the Reaver with Darkness.]
Raziel (V. O.): Against all odds, I had stumbled into Kain's own mausoleum. This seemed an unlikely coincidence...

Dialogue: The Vampire Citadel's Light Forge[]

[Raziel steps through another portal.]
Raziel (V. O.): Again I experienced that odd sense of displacement, as I was transported to the Vampire ruin once more...
But this chamber was different than the first.

Dark Chronicle: Mural: The blood curse[]

Raziel (V. O.): In their defeat, the Vampires' enemy retaliated with a terrible curse – afflicting the Vampires with a bloodthirst that turned their once-noble race into ravenous predators. This curse plunged the Vampires into despair, and apparently drove many to madness and self-annihilation. What was it that so devastated them that they were driven to suicide?

Dialogue: The Vampire Citadel's Light Forge[]

Raziel (V. O.): I had succeeded – the Reaver was forged with the power of Light. And now my way was clear: I would seek out Ariel at the Pillars and see if she could enlighten me.

Dialogue: The Cemetery[]

Raziel (V. O.): I had the means now to depart the cemetery. I only needed to find the gate that would send me on my way.
Raziel (V. O.): At last, the gate yielded to the powers of Light and Darkness, with which the Reaver had been forged. The way to the Pillars was open.


  • In this chapter, Raziel can collect 3 Health talismans, 2 Telekinesis runes and 2 Arcane tomes. Raziel can also collect the Dark and Light Reaver enhancements (in addition to being able to use the Material Reaver for the first time). Raziel also finds the Quest Items The Ornamental Shield, Dark Glowing Orb, Kain's Family Crest and the Faceted Orb. After discovering the Possession ability, Raziel is able to enter the Material Realm for the first time in Defiance and use many of his Material Realm based abilities such as manipulating objects and Swimming. Using the Dark and Light Reavers, Raziel can now activate Light and Dark Orbs respectively
  • Enemies in this level include the returning Sluagh, Lesser Shade and Tentacles; alongside the debuting Vampire Hunter Mercenaries, Vampire Hunter Pillager, Vampire Hunter Sorceress, Human Revenant and Vampire Golems.
  • Raziel has the main objectives "Escape the Spectral Realm", "Return to the first Crypt", "Open a path to the Pillars" and "Depart for the Pillars" ;and the minor objectives "Find a means to shift into Material", "Investigate door in first crypt", "Find a path to the elevated temples", "Acquire the Dark Reaver", "Open the Light temple", "Acquire the Light Reaver", "Unlock the Pillars gate". The Prima Guide identifies the main objective (and chapter title) as "Find the path to the Pillars" and list the other objectives as "Find a way to shift to the Material Realm", "Acquire the Dark Reaver", "Acquire the Light Reaver" and "Unlock the Pillar gates".
  • This chapter features the only example in Defiance of optional backtracking and exploration, as two doors (in "Kain's Mausoleum" and the "Tomb Entrance/Hallway" respectively) are locked with Dark Orbs when they are passed during the course of the level. Only once Raziel has obtained the Light Reaver (at the end of the level, when prompted to leave the Cemetery) can he backtrack and open these doors and collect the Health Talsiman or TK Rune hidden within. Both doors feature Kain's Family Crest as part of their design.
  • Prima's Defiance Guide labels the rooms in this chapter "Main Cemetery", "To Kain's Mausoleum", "Kain's Mausoleum Entrance", "Tomb Entrance/Hallway" (named "Tomb Entrance Connector" in Chapter 2), "Sunken Tomb", "Spectral Vault", "Light Forge Entrance Chamber", "Upper Cemetery Passage", "Upper Main Cemetery", "Dark Forge Chamber Passage", "Dark Forge Entrance Chamber", "Dark Forge Portal Room", "Dark Forge", "Kain's Mausoleum", "Light Forge Portal Room"and "Guardian Citadel" (the Light Forge); there is also a section labelled "Backtracking" (see above).
  • The "entrance chambers" for both the Light and Dark Forges feature Icon-Wikipedia.pngMegalithic structures in the shape of their forge symbol (the Light Forge megalith also features a fire at its heart). Both the Light and Dark Forges heavily feature their respective symbols.
  • This chapter features two instances ofBlood Script. There is a sculpture with a hooded figure at the entrance to the main cemetery area with a message that reads "rest in peace" (this can be seen at the end of Chapter 2 in Spectral); the second message can be seen inside Kain's Mausoleum, above his portrait - it reads "here lies Kain".

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