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Dialogue: The Pillars of Nosgoth[]

[Raziel arrives on the path to the Pillars.]
Raziel (V. O.): The vampire hunters – brazen as they were – feared to walk these paths. I knew one spirit haunted this place... perhaps there were others, as well.
[Raziel approaches the sconces that trigger the gate to the Pillars to open.]
Raziel (V. O.): These smoldering sconces seemed as though they would ignite, if only I had a fire source.

Dark Chronicle: Mural: The forging of the Reaver[]

Raziel (V. O.): I sought to unravel the mystery of my fate, and in this image lay my first clue. For this scene depicted the forging of the Reaver – the weapon destined to become my prison – and I recognized its maker. The years had changed him, but this was unmistakably the vampire, Vorador – and in this era, he still lived. If I could reach him before Moebius' mob hunted him down, he would provide the answers I sought.

Dark Chronicle: Mural: The dark gift is passed[]

Raziel (V. O.): These images chronicled Vorador's creation. As I already knew, he had not been born a vampire, but had been turned by the infamous Janos Audron. But this mural suggested that Vorador's origins were even more significant – apparently, he was the first human to whom the dark gift had been passed. This was the Vampires' desperate bid to preserve their bloodline... for their enemies had cursed them not only with blood-thirst, but with sterility as well.

Dialogue: The Vampire Citadel's Fire Forge[]

[Raziel discovers a vessel, like the one from which he imbued the Reaver with Light and Darkness, that lacks a magical flame.]
Raziel (V. O.): This spirit vessel was not yet activated. Perhaps there was some means for me to awaken it...
[Raziel enters a chamber of the citadel containing a sarcophagus, and adorned with the symbol for Nature.]
Raziel (V. O.): I was met by the specter of the Nature Guardian, monstrously deformed since its death centuries ago.
Nature Guardian: Rejoice, creature, for today your spirit will return to the One...
[The Nature Guardian attacks.]
[When Raziel defeats the first Guardian spirit, he may return to the spirit vessel.]
Raziel (V. O.): Apparently a single soul was not enough to activate this spirit vessel. Perhaps another specter was lurking around here somewhere...
[Raziel confronts the specter of the Conflict Guardian.]
Conflict Guardian: Eternity weighs heavily...
Raziel (V. O.): I have a solution.
Conflict Guardian: I bear it in atonement... but your moment of existence has passed. Come – and be released...
[The battle begins.]
[Raziel heads for the spirit vessel after both Guardian spirits have been defeated and trapped within it.]
Raziel (V. O.): The spirit vessel would not respond in the spectral realm. I had to return to the physical world to use it.
[Raziel acquires the Fire Reaver:]
Raziel (V. O.): As the Reaver absorbed the souls of the Nature and Conflict Guardians, it was imbued with the elemental power of Fire with which their principles were aligned. I was now equipped to reach the Pillars.

Dark Chronicle: Ariel, specter of the Balance Guardian[]

[Raziel approaches the Pillars for the first time.]
Raziel (V. O.): Once again I beheld the Pillars of Nosgoth – crumbling in decay now, following the corruption of the Circle. Here I would find Ariel, the specter of the murdered Balance Guardian – and the last pure, undefiled member of the Guardian Circle. Bound here upon her death, she was doomed to haunt these Pillars until her successor fulfilled his terrible duty, and Balance was restored.
[The specter of Ariel manifests. In this time, Ariel has a commanding presence, even though she is insubstantial. Her voice has a somewhat ethereal and detached quality. She approaches Raziel with suspicion.]
Ariel: What manner of creature approaches?
Raziel: I know you well, Ariel – though you do not yet know me.
Ariel: I have no time for riddles, strange one.
Raziel: All you have is time. I have come to seek your guidance –
[Ariel interrupts.]
Ariel: I counsel only one man, and you are not he. But you will know him soon. The contagion of your kind is coming to an end.
Raziel: My kind? What exactly do you think I am?
Ariel: Your name shall remain 'Unspoken', as decreed by our ancestors. You serve the one who so brutally took my life and set this tragedy in motion. But even now, hope is at work. Balance will be restored, and your kind will be expelled forever.
Raziel: You have pinned your hopes on Kain. He will disappoint you.
Ariel: What can you know of Kain?
Raziel: More than you could ever fathom.
Ariel: He will do what he must when the time comes.
Raziel: By choosing his own death? A sacrifice for the world? You don't know Kain very well.
Ariel: I know what he is called to do. My faith sustains me.
Raziel: Is it faith, or fear? You know that if Kain refuses the sacrifice, you will never leave here. And you begin to suspect...
[Ariel interrupts and turns away from him.]
Ariel: I will not hear your poison, fiend.
Raziel: Grant me the answers I require, and I will leave you to your pathetic delusions.
[Ariel turns back to Raziel, impatient but willing to listen.]
Ariel: Ask, then.
Raziel: I seek the vampire Vorador.
[Ariel is grimly amused.]
Ariel: To kill him, perhaps? Or to join him in death? But for Kain, he is the last of his kind. Moebius's mob has done its work.
Raziel: My reasons are my own.
[Ariel gestures to the east.]
Ariel: His refuge lies in the heart of the black forest.
[Raziel turns to go, then stops and looks back at Ariel as she speaks again.]
Ariel: And may you molder there together until the end comes.
[Ariel drafts backward into the Pillars as she dissipates. Raziel turns back toward the eastern path, and gameplay resumes.]

Dialogue: The Pillars of Nosgoth[]

Raziel (V. O.): This seemed to be attuned to the elemental principle of air.

Dialogue: The Vampire Citadel's Air Forge[]

Raziel (V. O.): I was transported to yet another ancient Vampire chamber – this one apparently aligned with the elemental power of Air.

Dark Chronicle: Mural: The champion of the adversary race[]

Raziel (V. O.): These murals had suffered some damage. Once again I recognized the Vampires' hero, but this scene revealed something new... For here they had also depicted his destined adversary, now partially obscured, who seemed to bear a flaming sword.

Dialogue: The Vampire Citadel's Air Forge[]

[Raziel is confronted by the specter of the Mind Guardian.]
Mind Guardian: In winning all, we lost all... In winning what we thought mattered, we lost what truly mattered... But for you, there is a chance.
Raziel: What chance is that?
Mind Guardian: The bliss of death. I offer it.
Raziel: But I do not accept.
[They launch into battle.]
[Raziel confronts the spirit of the Dimension Guardian.]
Dimension Guardian: You too share the curse – submit and be released...
Raziel: Never.
[They launch into battle.]
[Raziel acquires the Air Reaver.]
Raziel: As the Reaver absorbed the souls of the Mind and Dimension Guardians, it was imbued with the elemental power of Air with which their principles were aligned.

Dialogue: The Pillars of Nosgoth[]

[Raziel reaches the vista leading to Vorador's mansion.]
Raziel (V. O.): With the Reaver endowed with the elemental power of Air, the way to Vorador's refuge lay open at last. If the old vampire still lived, he alone could tell me how to escape the terrible destiny charted for me when the Reaver was forged.
[Raziel approaches the sconces that trigger the gate to the Pillars to open.]
Raziel (V. O.): Vorador's refuge was hidden deep within the black forest. I hoped to find him before Moebius's cutthroats did.