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Dialogue: Vorador's Mansion[]

[Raziel arrives at the Mansion.]
Raziel (V. O.): Nestled deep in the black forest, Vorador had once held court over a private kingdom, as decadent as it was depraved. Now, all was still. I hoped I had not arrived too late...
[Raziel enters a room occupied by a large fountain.]
Raziel (V. O.): This pool seemed related to the portals which had transported me into the Vampire ruins – but its surface was disturbed by the spouting of these gargoyles.
Raziel (V. O.): These gargoyles were effigies of the Vampires' enemies. In the corresponding murals they were impaled by heroic Vampire warriors. Perhaps this was a clue...
[Raziel discovers another mural in an adjacent passage.]
Raziel (V. O.): This mural was similar to one I had seen before in the fountain room.
[Raziel approaches a doorway with gargoyle heads mounted on both sides of it.]
Raziel (V. O.): These gargoyles quickened as I drew near, triggering the door to close. I would need to find some means of approaching the door without being observed.
[Raziel discovers another mural in an adjacent passage.]
Raziel (V. O.): This mural was similar to one I had seen before in the fountain room.
[Raziel approaches a tomb in the graveyard behind the mansion.]
Raziel (V. O.): This mysterious chamber was clearly significant. Perhaps I would find the elusive Vorador within.
[Raziel attempts to light the smoldering braziers that stand before the tomb.]
Raziel (V. O.): The braziers were all lit, but still the door remained sealed. Perhaps I had ignited too many...
[Raziel finds statues of Ancient Vampires in Vorador's living room and dining room.]
Raziel (V. O.): This statue appeared to be the same hero I had seen depicted in the fountain room. This had to be significant.
[Raziel solves a puzzle.]
Raziel (V. O.): This was indeed the Vampire warrior depicted in the fountain room – for here was the hero's weapon. This could be the key to solving the riddle of the fountain...
[Raziel comes across a sealed door, on which is painted a winged, blue-skinned Vampire whose face is a skull.]
Raziel (V. O.): This door clearly required some artifact before it would open.
[Raziel returns to the mural in the passage adjacent to the fountain room.]
Raziel (V. O.): These murals were attuned somehow to those in the fountain room – for this wall too had shattered.
[Raziel discovers a new passage behind one of the shattered murals. It leads to an artifact.]
Raziel (V. O.): Perhaps this arcane emblem would unlock the sealed door in the crypt.
[Raziel returns the artifact to the sealed door.]
Raziel (V. O.): Hm. The artifact I had was not sufficient. There was clearly still a missing piece of this puzzle.
[Raziel follows another new passage created by a shattered mural and finds another artifact.]
Raziel (V. O.): Ah, here was the second piece of the emblem. Now undoubtedly the crypt door could be opened.
[The crypt door leads to another statue of an Ancient Vampire holding a spear.]
Raziel (V. O.): With this third and final weapon, the mystery of the fountain would be solved.

Dark Chronicle: Mural: Raziel recognizes the adversary hero[]

Raziel (V. O.): Here the images were unadulterated, and their meaning ominously clear... The Vampire hero, the bearer of the Reaver blade, was confronted by an adversary worthy of his powers. The enemy race, long banished, had an adversary of their own – with flaming eyes and a fiery sword.
(Raziel manifests the wraith-blade, and his eyes flame.)
The resemblance I bore to the adversary mocked all my hopes. Had Kain been the Vampire hero of prophecy all along? Did he suspect what I was? For if I was this foretold adversary, then Moebius was right, and had always been right – I was destined to fight Kain and destroy him... or be destroyed. What part did free will play in any of this?...

Dialogue: The Vampire Citadel's Water Forge[]

[Raziel confronts the States and Death Guardians.]
Death Guardian: Your deliverance is at hand – in Death is your release.
States Guardian: This state is merely atonement...
[Raziel defeats the Guardians and returns to the material realm.]
Raziel (V. O.): This spirit vessel was shielded by layers of occult energy. There had to be some means to dispel this barrier...
[Raziel kills the Vampire Guardian spirits.]
Raziel (V. O.): Once more the Reaver absorbed the spirits of the former Vampire Guardians, and thus was imbued with the elemental power of Water. Perhaps now I could enter that mysterious crypt at the end of the garden.

Dark Chronicle: The vampire Vorador[]

[Raziel opens the sealed entrance of the crypt and enters cautiously. He finds Vorador waiting for him inside, slouched upon the ruins of some sepulchral throne, and lit only by the dim candlelight of this dark tomb. Vorador regards Raziel without surprise, as though he's been waiting for Raziel here. He has a sword of unique design in his hand – and although his posture is relaxed, he looks as though he could spring into action at any moment.
As Raziel steps forward, Vorador eyes him with steely suspicion.]
Vorador: So... our wretched little savior returns... Come to join the last pathetic battle of the vampire race? But on which side, I wonder...
Raziel: I've not come to fight you, Vorador.
[When Raziel approaches, Vorador – still sitting – brings the point of the sword up to his throat. The move is supernaturally swift, and reveals that Vorador is a master swordsman.]
Vorador: (coldly; correcting him)
You don't know why you're here.
Raziel: I know this much: that you are the author of my fate – and as such, only you can rewrite it.
Vorador: (laughs mirthlessly)
You give me too much credit.
Raziel: You forged the Reaver – I have seen the evidence.
Vorador: (suspiciously)
I was its maker, yes.
Raziel: Then you know its purpose.
Vorador: No – only the scraps of prophecy my master shared with me.
Raziel: And do these scraps explain why you would forge a weapon to imprison your savior?
[Vorador stands now, and brings the sword back up to Raziel's chest.]
Vorador: Ah, well then... it seems we have our answer. You've chosen your path.
Raziel: (angry)
I have chosen nothing. I've been deceived at every turn.
[Vorador looks at him thoughtfully, but says nothing.]
Raziel: You seem to know what I am. Tell me.
Vorador: I thought I did, once. But now all the prophecies have failed. The Pillars are corrupted... I am the last of my kind... and when Moebius's hunters find me, it will have all been for nothing.
Raziel: You've forgotten about Kain.
Vorador: (contemplating)
Ah yes, Kain... I fear he shoulders a greater burden than he realizes.
(then, to Raziel)
I cannot help you – even if I was inclined to. I crafted the Reaver blade, but only at the behest of my sire, Janos Audron. What sorcery he and the others laid upon the sword afterward, I cannot say.
Raziel: Janos tried to give me the Reaver before he died. He said that it was forged for me... but what did he mean? As my weapon, or my prison?
Vorador: Perhaps you should ask him yourself.
Raziel: Janos is here?
Vorador: In a manner of speaking.
[Vorador presses a series of panels, which opens a secret door in the crypt. He ushers Raziel into a small chamber, and steps aside as Raziel realizes what's ensconced here. An elaborate bier stands in the center of the room, surrounded by flickering candles – upon the bier lays the body of Janos Audron.
As Raziel approaches the body, Vorador stands back and speaks.]
Vorador: The greatest of us all – the father of our race. The Sarafan tore the heart from his living body five centuries ago.
[Raziel steps up to the dais to see the body more closely.]
Raziel: But there's no sign of decay – how is this possible after all these years?
Vorador: Somewhere, the Heart still beats. And while it does, the body will remain preserved. If his Heart could be restored, Janos might yet be raised.
Raziel: And you haven't tried to recover it, in all these years?
Vorador: Many times... but our enemies hid the Heart too well. It was taken as a trophy to Avernus Cathedral centuries ago, where they christened it 'the Heart of Darkness.' Believing that it embodies the essence of our dark gift, they hid the Heart away, lest it fall into the wrong hands. Our hands.
[Raziel steps back down from the dais to face Vorador.]
Vorador: Redeem yourself – you may be our last hope. Perhaps you alone can find the Heart, if it is meant to be found. If Janos can be resurrected, he will have all the answers you require.
[Vorador reaches into his robe and withdraws the key to the library exit, offering it to Raziel.]
Vorador: This key will open your way to Avernus. But be advised, there are dark sorceries at work in the cathedral. You must be on your guard.
[Vorador then vanishes in a cloud of mist, leaving Raziel standing alone in the chamber.]

Dark Chronicle: Vorador's last counsel[]

[Raziel enters the library, and finds Vorador at the guard railing, starring down at the room below.]
Vorador: Avernus is in flames... and with it, our hopes may evaporate.
Vorador: How can I find the Heart in the midst of such chaos?
[Vorador turns to Raziel –]
Vorador: You must act quickly. But beware – an ancient evil dwells within, long Unspoken among our kind. Undoubtedly this is the source of the corruption that infects the Circle. If you are to succeed, you must resist its influence.
[Vorador dissipates into mist, once more leaving Raziel alone in the room.]