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The feral humans' language was a Nosgoth language, spoken by the feral humans inhabiting the Vampire Citadel in Nosgoth's early history. It is featured only in Legacy of Kain: Defiance.


When Kain explored the Vampire Citadel in search of information concerning Raziel and the Scion of Balance prophecy, he was assailed by the feral human natives within.[Defiance/5][Defiance/7][Defiance/9] These primitive tribesmen would taunt him in their own language when battling him:

  • "Barekuma se o, tambo!"
  • "Karakute semaway vempari no te!"
  • "Olemembe sone darem."
  • "Quevambi, manteque kiki."
  • "Se maie maie, no vempari!"
  • "Seumbekola, umbe HA!"
  • "Sole takate mubari!"
  • "Vempari, sepulkate!"[Defiance/Miscellaneous]

The language's only easily decipherable word is "vempari", which presumably means "vampire". No official translations are known to exist.

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