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Feral humans was an enemy type found in Legacy of Kain: Defiance.


They were only encountered by Kain in the Vampire Citadel in the early period of Nosgoth's history. They were hiding in all parts of the Citadel and were often found inactive on the ground. When alerted, they would throw knives and use their claws to attack Kain, whom they perceived as an intruder, looking nothing like their benefactors. As the Vampire Citadel is situated in the middle of the Lake of Tears, the feral humans must have been brought there by the Ancients through flight at early stages of life and brought up to be their slaves. After centuries of being held in isolation and with their masters gone, they couldn't leave and slowly turned into savages.


There were two variants, male and female. Both variants appear to be dressed in clothing resembling the Ancient vampires. They have feathers and bones on their back in an attempt to resemble their former masters. They also wear masks and are armed with sharp long claws on their hands.

They were also capable of speaking a distinct language. There might be a possibility that the Ancients taught them this language themselves or the feral humans speak a corruption of it.


Charge and Leap enables them to lunge at Kain with great agility. Bone Rain attack throws a projectile towards Kain, which actually looks like a dagger.


The feral humans, being the worshippers of the vampires, appear to fulfill a similar role in comparison to the Vampire worshippers as seen in Soul Reaver or to the cut worshippers in Soul Reaver 2.