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"This artifact seemed as though it was made for that unusual lock. Now the door could be opened."

The Falcon Insignia was an artifact used by Kain in Defiance. It was the first quest-related item encountered by Kain and could be found in the Sarafan Stronghold in the chapter Pursue Moebius.


"This door had been equipped with a singular lock, requiring an unusual key. Somehow I would find it"

When Kain returned to the Sarafan Stronghold in the first chapter of Defiance, he noted a door with an unusually shaped locking mechanism in the 'chapter house' area of the stronghold and he resolved to find the key. By the conclusion of the chapter, Kain had confronted Moebius beneath the stronghold and discovered the unusually shaped Falcon Insignia embedded in a door in Moebius' chamber.[Defiance][Defiance/1]

The artifact itself consisted of a golden falcon looking left with wings outstretched. A second bird in a darker shade of brown or grey was positioned behind the first, giving a border around the golden bird. Above the head of the golden bird, the second bird's neck was raised looking upward, giving the impression of it rising above the first.[Defiance][Defiance/1][Defiance/3]

The Falcon Insignia in the inventory

In the third chapter Pursue Moebius, Kain's initial objectives revolved around the recovery and return of the Falcon Insignia and his first task involved collecting it from Moebius' chamber to open the door and allow him passage to exit the room. Upon returning to the chapter house Kain could place the item in the unusual lock he had seen earlier. This unlocked the Sealed Door behind and allowed him to ascend to the upper levels of the 'chapter house' and 'Sanctuary' areas of the stronghold - ultimately opening the way to the 'relic room' where Kain collected Malek's Shield.[Defiance][Defiance/3][Defiance strategy guide]


  • The Falcon Insignia is explicitly named as such in the inventory and its name is reiterated in objectives, and the official guide.[Defiance][Defiance/1][Defiance/3][Defiance strategy guide] The artifact is not directly named in dialogue where it is simply referred to as an "unusual key" or an "artifact" - stage directions vaguely refer to the item as an "emblem".[Defiance][Defiance/1][Defiance/3] Game files list the item as "shold_artifact_one" and its lock as "shold_lock_one". A duplicate of the item also appear under "shold_artifact_one_dupe" - possibly intended for use in cutscenes. The door where Kain initially gains the insignia is listed as "shold_secretdoorsmoebius".[Defiance]
  • Like all the quest items seen in Defiance, the Falcon Insignia is never seen being carried. The item disappears once taken from its original position and can only be seen in the inventory screen. It reappears on screen when placed in it's final position.[Defiance][Defiance/1][Defiance/3]

The Falcon Insignia in the artifact room