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Explosive Devices are explosives featured in Blood Omen 2 . They are first introduced in Chapter 6: The Industrial Quarter .

The Explosive Devices were large spherical devices with a small metal handle atop them and a lever on the front to detonate the device, Kain was first exposed to them through the actions of two (rather undisciplined) Mercenaries in a nearby factory/commons, who deliberately triggered a palette of the devices, which blew most of the wall of the factory away and injured or killed many nearby Humans.[1][2]

Two Mercenaries in front of a palette of Explosive Devices

Through the rest of the Industrial Quarter, Kain used the explosive devices on several occasions to break through walls, windows and on occasion kill enemies (usually using theDark Gift Charm ).[3]


  • The devices are not named in-game and are only referred to as "explosive devices" in scripts.[1]
  • On several occasions, Kain can use Charm on Industrial workers to detonate the devices right next to Mercenaries and other enemies.[3]
  • Faustus' 'Firebomb' Explosives

    It is unclear how the humans expected to use the explosive devices, the only way shown to detonate them is to press the lever, which likely kills the person who used it.[3]


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