The Evolved Turelim was a skin available for the Tyrants of the Turelim clan in Nosgoth. Unlocked at level 25 or by Runestone purchase, the skin represented the adult version of the initial fledglings and the first steps of devolution toward the forms seen in Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver.


"Take on the appearance of a fully evolved vampire of Clan Turelim"


For their redesign and adult appearance in Nosgoth, Daniel Cabuco noted:

"Devolving into a more feral state, fat and sinew give way to raw muscular power. The Tyrants of Turel begin the growth of their trademark ears and thick graying skin wrapping tightly around their massive shoulders."
―Daniel Cabuco

and further elaborated:

"For the Turelim, the trademark ears and jaws are enlarged, showing an in-between state of the Tyrants. Their massive barrel chested bodies are starting to emaciate in the abdomen, now devoid of fat. The arm wraps, a trademark of their power, are bolted into the rhino-like skin they have developed. Leathers, brass and coppers now comprise their materials (so stained with dried blood that they have started to turn brown). The silhouette now pushes towards what fans will recognize as a Soul Reaver Turelim."
―Daniel Cabuco


The "Evolved" skins were designed by former series artist Daniel Cabuco as deliberate call-backs to the devolved forms of the clans seen in Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver and as such each contains a number of artistic features which relate to their future forms. The Evolved Turelim notably contains many references to the Fledgling Turelim, Adult Turelim and their patriarch Turel including their skin coloration, enlarged ears and forearms and clan symbol tattoos.




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