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The Eternal Prison is a playable location in Blood Omen 2, it is outside Meridian and is featured in Bad Blood.


The Eternal Prison is a jail where there those who "have transgressed the laws of gods and man"[1] are sent to "contemplate the wrongs they have done" for an eternity, through the 'timeless' nature of the Prison. Though claimed by the Prison guardians to be a place of "peaceful meditation",[1] it is revealed in fact to be a horrifying hell-like place where the inmates are tortured mercilessly and the laws of physics, including the passage of time itself,[2] do not function as expected.

Kain first travelled to the Eternal Prison on the direction of The Beast, hoping to find the Builder and information about how to destroy the Device. The Beast directed him down a trail along the cliffs to the precariously perched Eternal Prison.[3] The Prison guardians warned Kain that any form of interference or intrusion would not be tolerated and made several attempts to Teleport Kain away from the prison before physically attacking him.[1][4][5] Kain made his way through the prison passing through several decayed vaults, cell areas and 'impossible' rooms, uncovering the hell-like torturous nature of the Eternal Prison.

Kain found the Builder In a pyramid cell at the heart of the prison[Blood Omen 2], and from him Kain found that the creature at the heart of the Device, the Mass, could be poisoned by the Blood of the Elder Races,[6] but also discovered that the Glyph magic network meant the Device could be used immediately.[7] Killing The Builder (and 'releasing' him from his eternal torment),[8][9] Kain drank his blood and attempted to escape the prison, apparently damaging much of the equipment within and "ruining" the Prison Guardians "great experiment", along the way.[10]

Throughout the Eternal Prison, Kain's progress was dogged by an insane mutilated vampire, the vampire taunted Kain as he tried to escape the prison through the 'invisible maze' and Kain was eventually forced to confront the mad vampire to escape (see also Magnus (boss)). Kain was able to topple a large statue of Moebius onto the vampire, who regained his memory as Magnus, a former champion in Kain's vampire army who had been sent to the Prison after attempting and failing to defeat the Sarafan Lord single-handedly, the night before the battle of Meridian.[11] Granting the vampire 'release', Kain was able to gain the Dark Gift Immolate and return to the Device .


  • Maps[12] place the Eternal Prison some distance away from Meridian, along a cliff-side trail leading from the Device, (the same mountain range present behind Meridian),The Beast describes it as "far to the north",[3] though some maps contradict this, seeming to place the prison to the south of Meridian.
  • The origins and purpose of the Eternal Prison are unknown and little is revealed in-game. The Prison guardians claimed that the prison was a place of peaceful meditation,[1] but many prisoners were shown to be subject to sadistic tortures (which took place in a special wing of the prison). The Prison does house a large statue of Moebius (which is toppled onto Magnus in the course of the Boss battle), who probably had some influence in the Prison's construction; on the other hand the Eternal Prison's symbol, which resembles that of the Sarafan and Magnus claims that the Sarafan Lord's magic sent him there[11] could point to a Hylden association. The architecture of the prison does not suggest Hylden or Vampire design.
  • The Eternal Prison contains several references to time, space and death: The entrance room contains a lectern similar to those seen in popular depictions of Icon-Wikipedia.pngSaint Peter at the gates of heaven; Kain encounters a room filled with several grandfather clocks, which are apparently monitoring the different 'time zones' of the prison, with the clocks showing different times and moving at different rates, this room seems to be able to warp to different parts of the prison and contains a small Icon-Wikipedia.pngorrery at the center of the room. There is also a room (called 'Limbo' in Prima's Blood Omen 2 Guide[13]), which has a much larger and more detailed version of the orrery, and several platforms floating in mid air - It is unclear if the solar system presented here is the same one as seen in the Sarafan Keep . Many of the rooms in the Prison also feature Kain somehow manipulating the flow of time to move objects and such.
  • The Eternal Prison has several notable rooms which include several unusual effects which bend physical laws; The 'Stair Room's floor level is actually floating in mid-air, not touching the floor (originally the room had no floor or ceiling and all parts of the room were floating;[14] Whilst Kain is being pursued by Magnus, he is trapped in an 'invisible maze' - the walls of which can only be seen when Kain is very close to them (Magnus can be seen taunting Kain throughout this part of the level and can occasionally be spotted in two places at once).
  • Many of the rooms in the Eternal Prison are filled with different cells (mainly housing Eyeless wretches), ordinarily these are simply small rooms with metal bars, but can be pyramid shaped (like the Builder's cell) or appear like 'valults', Kain is even at one stage transported to an 'isolation wing' - a set of buildings on 'stacks' in the ocean (these can be seen on maps). Once Kain gets to the heart of the Prison, there are less cell areas, these are replaced by various torture areas (and much cleaner brickwork and construction).
  • In a manner similar to Kain's progression through the Main Factory of the Industrial Quarter, Kain's blind activation of the Prison's mechanisms has apparently had an effect on the workings of the level, with all the 'clock room' clocks broken and two Prison Guardians lamenting the end of their "great experiment", which they claimed was 'redeeming lives'.[10]
  • The Eternal Prison is known to have a large amount of deleted areas that did not make it into the final game. The prison was originally intended to feature a corridor which stretched into infinity, but was presumably been removed due to technical reasons.[14] Alongside this, The Eyeless Wretches originally had much more dialogue with Kain.[15] A Room similar to the 'clock room' is featured in the Bonus mode.[16]


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