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Raziel using Enhanced TK

Enhanced TK was an ability gained by Raziel consuming Turel's Soul in Defiance. The ability augmented Raziel's telekinesis powers, finally equalling those of Kain.

Raziel begins Defiance with his TK (Telekinesis) abilities lessened compared to those of Kain, with Raziel only able to shoot 'telekinetic projectiles' at enemies. When Raziel gained Enhanced TK it improved Raziel's TK powers making them stronger and enabling Raziel to hold enemies in mid-air and throw them as Kain could, it also enabled Raziel to pull enemies towards him and use the 'flash shield'.

Raziel gained Enhanced TK when he travelled to Avernus in Defiance. In the Catacombs beneath Avernus Cathedral, Raziel found his final (d)evolvedVampire brother Turel, worshipped by Cenobites and Mortanius as the dark god "Hash'ak'gik". With Turel under the possession of several Hylden and believing that Raziel's Blood would strengthen him against them, Turel attacked Raziel. When Raziel defeated Turel he consumed Turel's soul gaining enhanced TK, which was strong enough to crumble the pillar blocking Raziel's escape from Turel's Pit.


Enhanced TK is the spiritual successor to the Amplified Force Projectile that was to have featured in the original version of Soul Reaver, both are enhancements for Raziel's telekinetic abilities (Telekinetic Force Projectile and Telekinesis in Soul Reaver and Defiance respectively) that are gained by Raziel defeating and consuming the soul of Turel. Other Telekinetic abilities in the series include Energy Bolt, Telekinesis and Reaver Bolts .