"Gather these tokens to replenish your waning Glyph energy." - Elder God

Eldritch energy appears in a form of glowing orbs and is either located in certain areas or randomly spawned after devouring enemy souls.

There are two types of Eldritch energy orbs - larger orbs refill 4 and smaller orbs 1 Glyph energy. Smaller orbs are blue with sparkles. Larger orbs have a sparkling purple and white core. The orbs which populate the world will never respawn once collected by Raziel.

Large Eldritch energy orb

Small Eldritch energy orb

Development[edit | edit source]

The potential early energy orb

Eldritch energy does not feature in the Soul Reaver alphas - effectively making the Glyphs have no cost to use in that version of the game. The earliest build however does feature a glowing orb in a side section of the Silenced Cathedral that may have been a prototype design of the Eldritch energy collectibles.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Although a voice recording describing the Eldritch energy exists, it cannot be triggered in-game.

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