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"Gather these tokens to replenish your waning Glyph energy." - Elder God

Eldritch energy appears in a form of glowing orbs and is either located in certain areas or randomly spawned after devouring enemy souls.

There are two types of Eldritch energy orbs - larger orbs refill 4 and smaller orbs 1 Glyph energy. Smaller orbs are blue with sparkles. Larger orbs have a sparkling purple and white core. The orbs which populate the world will never respawn once collected by Raziel.

Large Eldritch energy orb

Small Eldritch energy orb


The potential early energy orb

Eldritch energy does not feature in the Soul Reaver alphas - effectively making the Glyphs have no cost to use in that version of the game. The earliest build however does feature a glowing orb in a side section of the Silenced Cathedral that may have been a prototype design of the Eldritch energy collectibles.


Although a voice recording describing the Eldritch energy exists, it cannot be triggered in-game.