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The Earth Globe was an item used by Kain in Legacy of Kain: Defiance. Discovered within the Earth Forge of the Vampire Citadel in the chapter Open the Spirit Forge Chamber, the collection of the globe allowed Kain to open the door leading to the Dark Forge warp gate room.


The Earth Globe was a quest item in Legacy of Kain: Defiance that was used by Kain in the chapter Open the Spirit Forge Chamber as he ventured into Vampire Citadel in Nosgoth's early history.[Defiance][Defiance/9][Defiance strategy guide]

After using the Lightning fragment of the Balance Emblem to open additional areas of the Vampire Citadel in his previous chapter, Kain ventured further and found a warp gate which led to the Earth forge. Exploring the forge Kain soon found a warp to the Air Forge but the portal was damaged and missing a Sphere of Energy. Looking for a replacement from another forge, Kain found his way to the usual portal rooms blocked by a sealed door. Using Telekinesis to collapse the ceiling from below, Kain was able to climb to the level above and after jumping down a dried waterfall, found the Earth Globe in small sealed cavity between the grave rooms of the original Guardian of Time and original Guardian of Energy.[Defiance][Defiance/9][Defiance strategy guide]

The Earth Globe itself consisted of flat golden or brown object with a spherical central protrusion. The flat area of the object was distinctively shaped with extension at the top of the object giving the impression of a circular sector combined, with two sweeping downward facing 'wings' each decorated with a downward curving spike. Beneath the sphere the bottom of the flat bowed downward matching the curve, and a golden 'frame' extended from the top of each wing moving in a roughly diamond shape passing behind each wing. The spherical area featured a central circular decoration marked with the Time symbol on one face and the Energy symbol on the other, with the circle siting atop a set of three semi circular curves - reminiscent of the Earth symbol.[Defiance][Defiance/9]

Taking the Earth globe and breaking through the walls to escape, Kain was able to return to the warp corridor and use the Earth Globe to open the sealed door blocking his path, ultimately opening the room containing the warp to the Dark Forge where he could recover the Sphere of Energy.[Defiance][Defiance/9][Defiance strategy guide]


  • The Earth Globe is explicitly named as such in the inventory and its name is reiterated in the official guide.[Defiance][Defiance/9][Defiance strategy guide] The artifact is not explicitly named or referenced in dialogue. Game files label it as "cit_artifact_six" and its final holder is listed as "cit_lock_six".[Defiance][Defiance/7][Defiance/9]
  • The Earth Globe is likely named after terrestrial globes which model the surface of the Earth - including the land masses and oceans - onto a spherical surface to represent the spherical planet. The artifact itself appropriately models the components of the Earth element around a similarly spherical globe. Ultimately the word "Earth" (including in the sense of the planet) derives from terms for the ground and the word "Globe" derives from terms for a sphere.[1][2][3]

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