Dreadnaught Archons were an enemy class encountered in Legacy of Kain: Defiance. Part of the Archon creature family, the Dreadnaught Archons were native to the Spectral Realm and could be encountered throughout Nosgoth in the Spectral Realm as Raziel explored the events of Blood Omen.


Reaper Archons were a class of the Archons creature family encountered by Raziel in Legacy of Kain: Defiance.[Defiance]


  • Projectile Hold -
  • Energy Draining Leash - The Archons land a strike on Raziel which opens a spiritual tether through which the Archons can drain further energy. Only striking the enemy or retreating to a safe distance could break the bond.


  • The Archons are only identified by their overall creature family in manuals, scripts and dialogue. The inidividual classes are identified and subdivived as Reaper Archons and Dreadnaught archons in Legacy of Kain: Defiance: Prima's Official Strategy Guide.[Defiance manual][Defiance strategy guide] Dreadnaught Archons are listed as "archon" in game files.[Defiance]
  • The Reaper archons, the Dreadnaught archons and the Tentacles enemy class share a common theme - all being identified as agents of the Elder God. This label could also apply to Raziel, Moebius, Janos Audron, Ancient vampires in general and the Ancient, primitive cult.
  • Like other Spectral fauna, the Archons are only found where they are required as enemies. Attempts to enter the Spectral Realm in Kain's chapters through Debug menus or the like will include few Spectral effects and no Spectral enemies.
  • In terms of gameplay the Archons are something of a successor to the Vampire wraiths in Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver and the Greater sluagh seen in Soul Reaver 2 as the highest predators of the Spectral Realm in each title. Each of these enemies is notably only seen in the one title and cannot be seen elsewhere and the reasons for the absence in other areas/time periods unknown.
  • The Draining Leash ability of the Archons is actually listed slightly differently for the two Archon variants in the official guide. The Reaper archons variant is listed as "Draining Leash", while the Dreadnaught variant is listed as "Energy Draining Leash" - the similarity of the attack is noted however and the only difference referenced is the tendency of the Dreadnaught archons to use it as a follow up to their Projectile Hold attack. Visually and in gameplay terms the two leash attacks seem to be virtually identical.
  • Although it is only explicitly listed as an ability in Defiance, the Draining Leash ability bears a remarkable resemblance to the unnamed ability used by Spectral entities such as Vampire wraiths, Revived vampires and the revived Dumah to drain Raziel's health in Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver - both are used by species and individuals that have adapted to the Spectral Realm and learnt to consume souls or soul energy, both require an initial wound to be opened, both consist of a similar blue/purple band and both form a 'leash' of sort that can be broken by distance or damage. Arguably Draining Leash may be considered to be the same ability with updated visuals. Another ability that is highly related is Constricting, which again uses a similar spectral band and may have been directly developed from the vampire wraith ability.[Defiance][Soul Reaver]




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