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char0039 (Humanoid Melee)[]

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char0040 (Ragdoll)[]

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char0072 (Scarecrow)[]

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char0168 (Teddy Bears)[]

Teddy bears[1] were an enemy class introduced and appearing only in Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain. They were constructs created by Elzevir the Dollmaker, designed to guard his home - the Elzevir the Dollmaker - from intruders. If Kain or any other hostile beings came into contact with the fabricated bears, the toys would explode, dealing considerable damage.

Encountered only in the House of the Dollmaker, teddy bears were present in most of the mansion's rooms. Nineteen of them could be encountered by Kain on his trek towards Elzevir. As animated puppets, they possessed no Blood, but were vulnerable to incineration from the Flame Sword.[Blood Omen] They had exceedingly low endurance (1 point), and were hence easily destroyed, but the damage dealt by their exploding attack was significant (up to 50 points).[2] Their non-living and non-sentient nature rendered them immune to Kain's Blood Gout, Blood Shower and Control Mind spells, but they could still be controlled via Spirit Wrack.[Blood Omen]

When Kain encountered and battled Elzevir, several teddy bears would spring from the cupboards in the room to defend the Dollmaker.[Blood Omen]

The teddy bears were light brown in color, with simple black objects in place of eyes, diminutive limbs and a pink bow tied around their necks. They were able to waddle about, but were otherwise inanimate and incapable of complex motions. When "detonating", they exploded into a cloud of indigo-colored flame, with several fragments of their bodies flung away by its force and dissipating into nothingness.[Blood Omen]

char0187 (Humanoid Needler)[]

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  • The terms "dolls" originates in Silicon Knights Blood Omen FAQ. The individual classes are named as "humanoids" (encompassing the melee and needler varieties), "ragdolls", "scarecrows" and "teddy bears" in the official strategy guide.



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