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The Device was an ancient Hylden weapon encountered by Kain in Into the Depths of Blood Omen 2.


The Device was designed and built in the time of the war between the Ancient vampires and the Hylden, to wipe out all non-Hylden life in Nosgoth.[1][2][3] This would be achieved by 'attuning it' to all non-Hylden life and channeling the mental energy of the Mass - a living creature with fantastic mental powers, apparently fed by the blood of the Ancients - onto a conduit that would spread the power over the land. This conduit was never completed as the ancient vampires banished the Hylden to the Demon Realm before it was finished, with 'the Builder' of the Device ending up in Eternal Prison.[4]

Eons later, Raziel as the Hylden messiah, would unintentionally allow the Hylden Lord to possess and take the body of Janos Audron[Defiance]. This enabled the Hylden Lord to open the Hylden Gate and the Hylden to once again gain a foothold in Nosgoth. The Hylden Lord revived the Sarafan, defeated the young Kain's growing empire and manipulated the Humans to take over Nosgoth. During this time, The Device was secretly uncovered and Janos imprisoned within to feed the Mass, as the Hylden - disguised as glyph wrights - completed an maintained a glyph magic network that would provide heat, light and to a certain degree protection from vampires (in a similar manner to electricity) to the human population. This network however could also be used as a conduit for the Device.[4][5]

By the time Kain had returned in his quest for vengeance against the Sarafan Lord, the network was virtually complete. After he defeated Sebastian, Sebastian gloated that Kain's death was inevitable and that the Device would rain destruction upon Nosgoth.[6] On Vorador's advice, Kain traveled to the Canyons to find out more information from the Seer,[1] who also viewed the Device in similar fashion to Sebastian,[2] but eventually gave Kain the Dark Gift 'Telekinesis' [7] and Teleported him to The Device.[8]

Upon entering Kain conversed with a deformed Beast that lay within, apparently being drained to power the Device, who told Kain the whereabouts of the Eternal Prison and that the Builder would likely help him destroy the device after his centuries of imprisonment.[3] The Builder was only to happy to help and offered Kain the solution to destroy the Device, to poison the Mass with Hylden blood.[4] Kain returned to the Device, and descended into the machinery.[9] Fighting off many Hylden and Hylden warriors to reach the Mass, where he was able to poison the Mass and render the Device useless.[10] By the time he reached the highest levels of the Device once again, the Beast had regained his true form - that of Janos Audron - and after explaining some of the background to the Device and the Hylden,[5] Janos teleported them both to Sanctuary.


  • Maps,[11] concept art and gameplay[12] (and several other materials[13]) show the Device as a large square building decorated with a glowing green symbol, at the very heart of Meridian, situated between the Upper andLower Cities. However, much like the glyph wrights, it seems this is merely an appropriate disguise; When Kain gained the Telekinesis Dark Gift and activated the first Glyph seal outside, the symbol changes to red and the building reveals it's true, more threatening 'spiky' form, which is more consistent with Hylden architecture seen in the Hylden City and inside the Device itself, where 'spikes' are used for decoration and practical purposes[Blood Omen 2].
  • the Device descends deep underground beneath Meridian . On several occasions Kain passes through tunnels which span deep crevices. Molten magma can be observed at the bottom of these cracks, and Hylden are sometimes seen standing guard on rocky ledges[Blood Omen 2].
  • The NPC 's of the Device are Human Slaves to the Hylden . In the retail version of the game they have very little purpose, but they were originally to have had a much bigger role in the destruction of the Device.Kain was intended to have freed several slaves who would have 'passed on' the message that "Kain is coming", prompting further Slaves to aid Kain, sabotaging the Device and providing hints and help.[14] These sequences also feature the Slaves being "drained" of "life" by the Hylden (presumably to feed the Mass ) and somehow being transformed into Demons .[15] Slaves are also seen throughout the level, held in pods.[Blood Omen 2]
  • Though much of the machinery in the Device is a mystery, there appears to be some sort of genetic engineering/cloning involved in the mechanisms. One conveyor belt carries canisters which seem to contain Hylden (or at least green humanoid) fetuses. These canisters are seen throughout the later portion of the level and are eventually seen piled by the Mass' feeding tube (suggesting they are fed on by the Mass), red 'used' versions of the canisters are seen in the Mass' pit.Hylden scientists and Warriors are also seen in 'suspended animation' in pods.[Blood Omen 2]
  • The Device also features an 'eye' motif, which is frequently overlaid with Hylden symbols. There are also areas where large 'organic matter' (similar to but unconnected to the Mass) is used by the Hylden for undisclosed purposes[Blood Omen 2].


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