Demon Hunter Cannoneers were a were a Human Demon Hunter enemy featured in Soul Reaver 2. Demon hunters were armed with hand cannons and were encountered in the Demon infested Era following Blood Omen.


Demon Hunter Cannoneers were troops of the Demon hunter faction, encountered by Raziel in the Demon-infested Era following Blood Omen . They wore heavy black and broze metal armor and helmets and wielded portable hand-held cannons, they would often be confronted along with other Demon hunter allies[SR2].

Cannoneers were the ranged-attacking troops of the Demon hunter faction; in combat, they kept their distance and used their cannons to fire cannonballs at Raziel from long-range. At close-range they had little combat capability (though they could use their cannons as a melee weapon in close-quarters) and little health with quickly charging them and singling them out being an effective tactic[1][2].[3]

Raziel first encountered Demon hunter cannoneers (and other demon hunters) in the Demon-infested Sarafan Stronghold shortly after he emerged from its Time-streaming chamber in the Post-Blood Omen era. They would frequently be encountered throughout that era, particularly in the Sarafan Stronghold, Pillars area, Swamp, Uschtenheim and Mountain areas[SR2].


  • Demon hunter cannoneers are comparable to the long-range fighters of the other 'hunter' factions in Soul Reaver 2, (the Vampire hunter cannoneers of Vampire hunters in the Pre-Blood Omen era, and the Sarafan sorceresses of the Sarafan in Nosgoth's early history). The demon hunters cannoneers were notably stronger and tougher than the vampire hunter cannoneers, but much slower (and tougher) than sarafan sorceresses[1][2].[3]
  • Given the relationship between the Demon hunters and Moebius's mercenary army, it is possible that some of the demon hunters encountered by Raziel in the Post-Blood Omen era may be descendants of those in Moebius's Army[1].[4]


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