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The Decorative Sword was an artifact used by Kain in Legacy of Kain: Defiance. It was the fourth quest item which was discovered by Kain and could be found within the Sarafan Stronghold in the chapter Pursue Moebius.


The Decorative Sword was the last of the artifacts that Kain would acquire in the Sarafan Stronghold in Chapter 3: Pursue Moebius. After using Malek's Sword to ascend to the upper gatehouses of the stronghold, Kain discovered an unusual Sealed Door with an emblem depicting crossed swords in the first gatehouse, though one of the blades was missing. Soon after Kain was able to cross a bridge to the second gatehouse and found the Decorative Sword next to the entrance to the lower tower.[Defiance][Defiance/3][Defiance strategy guide]

The sword itself was an unusually shaped jagged blade with similarly unusual jagged handguards. The hilt of the blade featured a distinctive design which evoked the original emblem door - with a pair of crossed swords on a shield shaped background.[Defiance][Defiance/3][Defiance strategy guide]

Returning the Decorative sword to the sealed door in the first gatehouse, Kain was able to place the sword in the vacant place and complete the emblem - unlocking his way to a sealed chamber in the gatehouse containing the Flame fragment of the Balance Emblem. Using the power of Flame, Kain was able to ignite two fire sconces to begin his ascent to the upper tower to confront Moebius.[Defiance][Defiance/3][Defiance strategy guide]


The Decorative Sword in the Inventory

  • The Decorative Sword is explicitly named as such in the inventory and its name is reiterated in objectives and in the official guide. Unlike other artifacts in this level, Kain makes no further comment about this item.[Defiance][Defiance/1][Defiance/3][Defiance strategy guide] Game files list the item as "shold_artifact_four" and the accompanying lock as "shold_lock_four", with the textures of the sword appearing as part of the lock, presumably for its insertion into the door.[Defiance]

The Decorative Sword in the artifact room

  • Like all the quest items seen in Defiance, The decorative sword is never seen being carried. The item disappears once taken from its original position and can only be seen in the inventory screen. It reappears on screen when placed in it's final position.[Defiance][Defiance/1][Defiance/3]
  • The name "decorative sword" perhaps suggests that the sword is intended for ceremonial purposes rather than any direct combat application.[Defiance][Defiance/3][Defiance strategy guide]