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The Dark Reaver was a permanent elemental enhancement for the Wraith Blade created by the Ancient vampires and wielded by Raziel in Legacy of Kain: Defiance.


The Dark Reaver in the artifact room

With none of the Reaver fonts previously used to imbue the temporary enhancements making an appearance in Defiance, Raziel was forced to find more permanent alterations to the Wraith Blade[Defiance].

The Dark Reaver was the first of these enhancements that Raziel found. Discovering ancient vampire ruins as he investigated the Cemetery he was able to enter a sealed chamber and use a Warp gate that transported him to the Dark Forge within the Vampire Citadel. Using the Soul conduit at the heart of the forge Raziel was able to imbue the Wraith blade with elemental Darkness and create the permanent Dark Reaver, which could be selected at will.[Defiance][Defiance/4]

Dark Reaver spell

The Dark Reaver manifested as a blade with a purple core along waving with purple energy. When the Dark Reaver was charged its attacks spawned homing Mini shades which targeted struck enemies. The Reaver Spell allowed Raziel to become invisible, enabling him to sneak passed guardian gargoyles and enemies unseen. It could also be used to darken Light orbs[Defiance][Defiance strategy guide].


Mini Shade spawned from the Dark Reaver


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