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The Soul Reaver 2 Dark Chronicle

The Dark Chronicle, also known as the Dark Diary, is a plot summary available in Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, Soul Reaver 2 and Legacy of Kain: Defiance which recaps the major scenes of each game through transcript or cutscene.



The Dark Chronicle was a summary of the important plot of each entry in the series, appearing in Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, Soul Reaver 2 and Legacy of Kain: Defiance.

The feature first appeared in Blood Omen as the "Dark Diary" which could be selected from the main menu or the in game pause menu. The Dark Diary divided the plot into sixteen of the most significant cutscenes of the game. Once the feature was selected, a slideshow of still images of the currently completed chapters would be displayed - each one representing a cutscene which would play upon selection of the appropriate image.[Blood Omen][Blood Omen manual (Windows)][Blood Omen strategy guide]

No plot summary feature was available in Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver[Soul Reaver], however Soul Reaver 2, would return to the feature, now titled as the "Dark Chronicle". This divided the Soul Reaver 2 story into twenty-one chapters summarizing the plot of the game. The Dark Chronicle was accessible either through the main menu, pause menu or the Bonus materials section and contains a list of unlocked chapters, each of which would display a transcript for each one. New chapters were unlocked through gameplay progress.[Soul Reaver 2][Soul Reaver 2 manual][Soul Reaver 2 strategy guide (Prima)]

The feature was absent from Blood Omen 2[Blood Omen 2] but returned again in Legacy of Kain: Defiance. This time, the plot was divided into forty-one of the significant chapters of the game. The Dark Chronicle could be selected from the main menu or the pause menu and listed these chapters with each providing a link to the appropriate cutscene. Again chapters would be unlocked through game progression and could be viewed at any time after the completion of that part of the game.[Defiance][Defiance manual]


Wiki-Icon-BO1.pngBlood Omen: Legacy of Kain[]

Dark Diary: The Failure of the Circle[]

In Nosgoth's early history several member of the Circle of Nine are planning the movements of the Sarafan in their gathering room when they are interrupted by the appearance of the vampire Vorador who proceeds to slaughter the group. The circle's protector Malek, arrives too late to save them and is defeated by Vorador.

Some centuries later in the history preceding Blood Omen, Balance Guardian Ariel is murdered by an unseen assassin. The Pillars of Nosgoth begin to crack and corrode as a result.[Blood Omen][Blood Omen/1]

File:(1)Legacy of Kain Blood Omen intro

The Failure of the Circle

[Lit in the unholy glow of a distant sunset and burning pyres, a man (a vampire) is being hoisted into the air, impaled on a high wooden stake by two armored warriors. As we pull away, we see other vampire corpses impaled, littering the countryside as armored warriors walk amongst them.
The camera continues to zoom out.
We see the above scene contained within a pool of water, nested in the middle of a large, circular table with Celtic-style knots and arcane symbols carved into it. Around the table are a cluster of wizards/magi, both male and female, young and old. The room is dimly lit, but we can make out what they are wearing. They appear to be watching the events in the magic pool quite intently.
The camera continues to zoom out.
Suddenly a door swings open, flooding the room with blinding light. Pan out, we see Vorador.
A jagged sword rips through one of the wizards, with an assorted flesh ripping foley, and the gutted corpse is thrown sideways.]
Wizard: (amidst bloodcurdling screams)
[Vorador appears from behind the falling/thrown corpse, wielding the bloodstained jagged sword. He throws a variety of spells at the nearby wizards.
One is killed by an Energy Bolt.]
Wizard: Malek!
[Vorador throws a Flay spell at the wizard, and we see her flesh blasted from her bloody bones.]
Wizard: (screams)
[Vorador laughs darkly as he corners the last remaining wizard in the chamber. The wizard tries to cast a spell, but is panicking.]
Final Wizard: (whimpering)
[We see, and hear the sound of, an approaching man in armor, rushing along stone tiled floors.]
Vorador: (laughing)
Call your dogs!
They can feast on your corpses!
[The wizard is hit by a Blood Gout spell – the projectile hits the victim, forcing a stream of blood to be jettisoned from the body, and it gets "sucked" into Vorador's open mouth. He then dodges sideways.
Cut to Malek rushing in through the doorway, ax drawn, to behold a silent chamber that is vacant except for the carnage. Vorador materializes behind him, and strikes a blow to the back of his head.
Cut to a dark chamber, lit only by candle flame. Arcane runes and symbols of power are drawn onto the floor. Bound in the center of the chamber a man is stripped naked; scars adorn his body. On the ground before him is an empty suit of armor, propped up on a stand, giving it the impression that it has some form inside it.]
Mortanius: For failing the Circle, Malek of the Sarafan, you are hereby damned.
[Effects of Malek's spirit being fused into his armor.]
Mortanius: The pleasures of the flesh are no longer yours. You have but one purpose, damned one; you will serve us for eternity.
[Fade to black.
A shadow is cast against a wall, moving slowly, but with purpose. We see Ariel by the wall; she turns and sees a distinctive, but unknown, shape silhouetted against a light, raising a cruel knife. Ariel's scream penetrates the darkness.
Cut to black.
A pillar is seen darkening. Fractures crawl across its surface.]

Dark Diary: Kain in the Abyss[]

In the events of Blood Omen, the nobleman Kain awakens from his death in underworld still impaled upon the sword of his assassin and chained above a fiery pit. The Death Guardian Mortanius appears, removes the sword and releases him, symbolically offering Kain the sword as a token of revenge. Kain takes the sword - accepting the offer - and is transformed into a vampire.[Blood Omen][Blood Omen/1]

File:(2)Legacy of Kain Blood Omen Intro Pt. 2

Kain in the Abyss

[Fade from black.
The Underworld – populated by lost souls that howl within the abyss. Their shapes twist and writhe in their fiery oblivion. Through this ghostly burning land, the Necromancer Mortanius strides as its master.
Kain is strung up between two posts, transfixed with a sword. He struggles incessantly, as if trying to deny his fate.]
Kain (V. O.): Vae victis – suffering to the conquered. Ironic that now I was the one suffering. Not anything as pedestrian as physical pain. Rather the cruel jab of impotent anger – the hunger for revenge.
I didn't care if I was in Heaven or Hell – all I wanted was to kill my assassins.
[Mortanius grasps the sword and twists it painfully free – Kain winces.
Kain's bonds are released and he steps free.
He looks toward the abyss before him, staring contemplatively into the yawning fire, then turns towards Mortanius.]
Kain (V. O.): Sometimes you get what you wish for.
The Necromancer Mortanius offered me a chance for vengeance. And like a fool, I jumped at his offer without considering the cost.
Nothing is free.
[Mortanius offers the transfixion sword to Kain.
Kain steps forward and grasps the sword.]
Kain (V. O.): (tiredly, with pain)
Not even revenge.
[Coruscating magic ripples across Kain's body, transforming his white armor to black, living skin to dead vampiric flesh.
Kain's eyes open.]
Mortanius: (laughing)
You will have the blood you hunger for...
[Kain walks through the fire.
Fire wipe to black.]

Dark Diary: Ghost of the Pillars[]

Kain arrives at the Pillars of Nosgoth and meets the specter of the former Balance Guardian, Ariel. Ariel explains the how her death at the hands of a traitor drove her lover - Mind Guardian Nupraptor - insane and caused the Corruption of the Pillars. Cryptically offering Kain "peace" from his curse she sends him on a quest to restore the pillars.[Blood Omen][Blood Omen/2]

File:(3)Legacy of Kain Blood Omen Movie 3

Ghost of the Pillars

[The Pillars at night; wind blows eerily between the solemn sentinels of marble and other indescribable materials. Moonlight plays of the surfaces, lending the scene an eerie blue cast. The figure of a comely woman appears amidst the Pillars, talking to herself it seems.
Establishing shot from Kain's point of view.
Long shot of Ariel disappearing behind a Pillar.
The camera follows her around the Pillar while she talks.]
Ariel: Nupraptor, your madness has shattered our dreams and blinded you...
Kain: Keep your distance or I'll send you back to Hell, spirit!
Ariel: There is nothing left of me to fear vampire. I am only a shadow of my former self... Ariel – the Balance of the Circle of Nine. Even so, I can provide the answers you seek.
Kain: I seek only a cure.
Ariel: There is no cure for death. Only release. You must destroy the sorcery that is now poisoning Nosgoth.
Only then will you realize peace.
The Nine of the Protectors of Hope were sworn to use their powers to preserve our world. Now these pillars have been corrupted by a traitor.
[Ariel turns toward the camera to reveal her ravaged face. Flesh has been ripped away to reveal the naked bone beneath.]
Ariel: My murder at the hands of this beast drove my love Nupraptor mad.
Now he spreads misery and pain among the Circle, crumbling the very foundation of Nosgoth. You must restore balance. You must right the Pillars of Nosgoth.
[A "hallucination" of Nupraptor sewing his eyes shut floats, semi-transparent in the moonlit air.]
Kain: (with distaste)
I care not for the fate of this world.
Ariel: (fading out)
Then for yourself Kain...
Beware the Unspoken...
[Ariel fades to total transparency as her voice fades.]

Dark Diary: The Oracle[]

Having failed to defeat Malek, Kain meets with the mysterious Oracle within the Oracle's Cave to find how to defeat him. The Oracle initially gives Kain only riddles regarding King Ottmar of Willendorf before he relents and tells Kain of Vorador's victory over Malek and its consequences several centuries earlier. The Oracle directs Kain to the Termogent Forest, where Vorador's Mansion awaits and tells him to follow the Ignis Fatuus to find it.[Blood Omen][Blood Omen/5]

File:(4)LoK Blood Omen Video 4

The Oracle

[Kain enters a large cavern through a winding tunnel. Inside the cavern a small old man stands by a roaring fire, cooking something in a huge pot. He looks up as Kain enters.]
Oracle: A nobleman? Seeking wisdom? Death has taught you well.
Kain: Enough philosophy – I seek answers.
Oracle: Answers indeed. I have them all if you have the questions.
And what are the questions for these answers?
[The oracle throws something into the fire. The smoke reveals a great army marching across the land.]
Oracle: King Ottmar – the only hope to defeat the Legions of the Nemesis.
King Ottmar paralyzed by his princess' malaise.
King Ottmar the useless.
Pray good sir, what are the questions?
Kain: (with anger)
A pox upon your tricks and babble, old man! Answer me this: Who is Malek and how can I defeat him?
Oracle: (cryptically)
All in time sirrah. Yes, time. Unless you master it – it will master you.
And now it's time for your answer:
[The oracle throws flame powder into the fire.
Display of images.]
Oracle: Malek – defender of the Nine and last of the Sarafan sorcerer-priests. His vanity led to the slaughter of the Circle at the hands of the vampire Vorador. For his failing, his spirit was fused to a hellish set of magical armor. He has allowed no member of the Circle to fall since.
Kain: What of this Vorador?
Oracle: Follow the glow of the Ignis Fatuus to the Termogent Forest.
Kain: Ignis Fatuus?
Oracle: The Ignis Fatuus lights the path to Hell, nobleman. Your path.
Time Kain. Next time...
[The oracle disappears.]

Dark Diary: The Vampire Vorador[]

Kain meets the vampire Vorador in his mansion who offers Kain a different perspective - his vampirism is not a curse but a gift and they were 'dark gods' to the mortals. Vorador recounts his Slaughter of the Circle and his defeat of Malek, warning Kain not to meddle in human affairs. Finally Vorador offers Kain a ring to summon him when needed.[Blood Omen][Blood Omen/6]

File:(5)LoK Blood Omen - Vorador Encounter

The Vampire Vorador

[Interior. Vorador's lair. The room is dimly lit by candles.
The camera peers across the length of a long, polished dining table, with the vampire Vorador at the other end, highlighted by candle flame. Vorador is holding two finely crafted goblets.]
Kain (V. O.): In the bowels of that black forest I found something worse than Hell. A vision of what I was becoming...
Vorador: It's not often I see one of our own, especially one as young and foolish as yourself. Nonetheless, drink. Drink deep and indulge your gift.
[Kain reluctantly accepts the goblet. Camera pans across the room. We see subtle evidence as to where the blood came from; a dripping human corpse is suspended upside down above a basin on the table.]
Kain (V. O.): Gift? Pah! Vorador thought my curse a blessing. That we were gods and that mortals offered their blood as sacrifice so that we could enjoy our supernatural powers. And somewhere deep inside my new self I knew he was right. That mortal dreams were prayers. Prayers to us – begging for our power.
I pondered this as the decadent old fool prattled on about his past; a boorish account of how he defeated Malek of the Sarafan and took his vengeance upon the Circle of Nine for supporting the Sarafan's holy war to exterminate us...
Vorador: After slaughtering six of the sheep I defeated their pathetic little shepherd – Malek. Since then our kind has not bothered with the cattle, except to feed. And I suggest you do the same.
Meddling with the affairs of man can do us no good. Sarafan witchhunts are much too tedious to concern ourselves with. Am I understood Kain?
[Kain acknowledges only very slightly.]
Vorador: Good. Take this ring. If you ever need assistance it will summon me. Despite your youthful arrogance, you amuse me, Kain – it would be such a pity to lose you to the Abyss.
Now be gone!
[Vorador turns his back on Kain.]

Dark Diary: The Great Duel[]

Kain confronts Pillar Guardians Bane, DeJoule and Anarcrothe at Dark Eden, but Anarcrothe summons Malek and flees. In retaliation, Kain summons Vorador and the two old adversaries resume the battle from centuries before. Kain gives chase to the escaping Band and Dejoule, while Vordaor finishes Malek.[Blood Omen][Blood Omen/7]

File:(6)LoK Blood Omen - Dark Eden

The Great Duel

[Interior Dark Eden Castle main hall, Malek and Vorador fight as Kain, Bane and DeJoule (cloaked) watch.]
Malek: Vengeance! Vengeance for my eternity of suffering!
Vorador: Whelp! As if you knew what eternity was! Grovel before your true master.
Malek: (coldly)
Never! I'll hack you from crotch to gizzard and feed what's left to your brides...
[Kain gives pursuit to the fleeing sorcerers. A fierce battle ensues between Malek and Vorador.]

Dark Diary: The Court of the Last Hope[]

Kain travels to Willendorf Castle, seeking to enlist the help of Ottmar and his Army of the Last Hope in defeating the Legions of the Nemesis that threaten Nosgoth. He finds Ottmar deep in mourning for his daughter whose soul has been stolen by Elzevir the Dollmaker. Kain decides to hunt for the dollmaker to win favor with Ottmar.[Blood Omen][Blood Omen/9]

File:(7)LoK Blood Omen - Kain meets King Ottmar

The Court of the Last Hope

[A hall resplendent with the colors of Nosgoth heraldry, lined by the heavily-armored elite knights of the king's personal guard.]
Kain (V. O.): The court of King Ottmar; shades of my former existence. Proud and self-absorbed, surrounded by all the finery of the realm. Secure in their ignorance. As I walked among them I smirked thinking of the carnage that would befall them at the hands of the Legions of the Nemesis... the glorious flames, the inevitable rape and pillage.
[A courtier stops Kain by raising his hand.]
Kain: (forcefully)
Out of my way peasant! The stench of the fields hangs over you like a pall!
Courtier: The King sees no one! He is in mourning for the princess!
Kain: (coldly)
He'll be in mourning for his kingdom soon. And he'll mourn for you even sooner if you don't get out of my way!
[Kain pushes past the courtier.]
Kain (V. O.): And so I won my audience, such as it was, with Ottmar. He cared not of the invading armies from the North. Only of the plight of his child.
Ottmar: (grumpily)
A birthday present. To celebrate her birthday I declared a contest. Whoever created the finest doll in the realm would be granted a royal favor. Hundreds of dolls were brought, but the winner was obvious. Elzevir, the Dollmaker, created a toy of such beauty that all were captivated by it. And all he would take in payment was a lock of her hair.
Soon after she became like this; a lifeless puppet. Whoever restores her to her former self shall have this kingdom!
[Kain smirks and stalks off.]
Kain (V. O.): Thus my hunt for the Dollmaker began.

Dark Diary: The Last Stand[]

Having restored the Princess of Willendorf, Kain, Ottmar and his Army of the Last Hope stand ready to meet the advancing Legions of the Nemesis at the Battle of the Last Stand. Ottmar gives a rousing speech to his troops as they prepare to defend Nosgoth from the advancing horde.[Blood Omen][Blood Omen/9]

File:(8)LoK Blood Omen - Ottmar Battles Nemesis

The Last Stand

[The battlefield is choked with roiling fog. Horns sound. We zoom through mist past brief views of the approaching troops toward a hill. Ottmar, elevated, gives his orders to his troops.]
Ottmar: (in commanding, rousing speech mode)
The scourge of Nosgoth is upon us, friends! We shall die today as heroes, lest we live tomorrow as slaves!
(tension building)
Ready thine arms!
(shouting battlecry)
[Ottmar waves his baton and the armies charge forth.]

Dark Diary: Nuremburg[]

Having been sent back to the history preceding Blood Omen, Kain reads the mind of a man-at-arms and witnesses a speech made by Time Guardian Moebius attempting to stir the hatred of the citizens of the Land of the Nemesis. Kain discovers the involvement of Moebius in the ascension of King William the Just - who would one day lead the Legions of the Nemesis.[Blood Omen][Blood Omen/10]

File:(9)LoK Blood Omen - Moebius Rallies a Crowd


[Kain battles a man-at-arms, and reads his mind as he lays dying.
Moebius commands a crowd of peasants with a mind-influencing speech. The scene is reminiscent of the Nuremberg Rallies with towering banners and finery of the Nosgoth of 50 years ago. Moebius stands at the top of a flight of stairs lined with armored troops and burning braziers.]
Moebius: Would you stand idle as vermin destroyed your crops?
Crowd: (shouting)
Moebius: As your house burned?
Crowd: No! No!
Moebius: Will you allow this evil to continue?
Crowd: No! No!
Moebius: Will the wickedness end?
Crowd: It must!
Moebius: Do you believe?
Crowd: Yes! Yes! Yes!
[Shot of Moebius gesticulating madly; seen through the fire of a nearby brazier, he appears to stand amidst the flames themselves, seemingly as a creature of Hell, himself.
Moebius is lit by the flickering flames, heightening the evilness of his character.]
Moebius: Then take me to your king, so that I can prepare you for the onslaught!

Dark Diary: A Vampire's End[]

Having killed William the Just with the Soul Reaver to prevent the rise of the Legions of the Nemesis and returned to the events of Blood Omen, Kain discovers that the whole affair has been a trap orchestrated by Moebius who has used the grief of the citizens of Nosgoth to build a mercenary army to hunt down and destroy the Vampires. Kain witnesses the execution of Vorador before Moebius identifies him as the last vampire and sets the crowd upon him.[Blood Omen][Blood Omen/11]

File:(10)LoK Blood Omen - Vorador's Execution

A Vampire's End

[Exterior – on a bright grassy knoll, a crowd has gathered to witness the death of the last of vampire kind. The proceedings take place on a raised scaffold, so all eyes can witness this momentous event. Vorador looks up from the guillotine once.
Cheer from the crowd as Vorador's head is lopped off, and held high by the executioner.]
Leader: We are free of this unholy scourge!
Moebius: Not yet, my friend.
Would you be free of a plague if only one city was cleansed?
Crowd: (cheering)
No! No!
Moebius: Would you spare one wolf in the pack that has devastated your herd?
Crowd: (shouting)
Moebius: Then let us destroy them all!
Crowd: (in furor)
Moebius: He is the last!
[Moebius points at Kain.]
Moebius: Destroy him!

Dark Diary: The Last of the Few[]

Having recognised Moebius as 'the Oracle' and fought off the crowd, Kains defeats Moebius and confronts the dying Time Guardian, making him admit to going back in time and admit to altering the past to turn William the Just into 'the Nemesis'. Moebius promises Kain's death and Kain responds by beheading him.[Blood Omen][Blood Omen/11]

File:(11)LoK Blood Omen - Moebius Dies

The Last of the Few

[Kain defeats Moebius in combat:]
Kain: Ironic. By going back in time, and altering the past, you turned William the Just into the Nemesis.
[Moebius lies on the ground, cowering.]
Moebius: (croaking and wincing, filled with hate and madness)
Aye – you have seen my plan, vampire, as I have seen your destiny. The future says you die!
Kain: But I am dead...
[Kain beheads Moebius.]
Kain: As are you!

Dark Diary: Full Circle[]

Summoned by Mortanius, Kain returns to the Pillars of Nosgoth to witness a confrontation between the Death Guardian and States Guardian Anarcrothe. Kain observes silently from behind the pillars as the two debate their roles and duties. Anacrothe issues and ultimatum the Mortanius must "stand with us or die" and a battle ensues with Mortanius easily victorious. Kain emerges at the end of the battle and Mortanius welcomes his oncoming fate, advising Kain that one more will need to be killed after and beckoning Kain to finish him.[Blood Omen][Blood Omen/11]

File:(12)LoK Blood Omen - Mortanius at the Pillars

Full Circle

[Anarcrothe and Mortanius talk at the site of the Pillars of Nosgoth. As Kain returns to the Pillars, he discovers Mortanius and Anarcrothe arguing. It is night and the moon illuminates the scene.
As Anarcrothe and Mortanius continue their conversation, Kain hides behind a Pillar to listen.]
Anarcrothe: You betrayed us Mortanius!
You had Kain killed and turned him into a monster. You set him upon us!
Mortanius: It had to be. Nupraptor's insanity poisoned all of our minds. The Circle had failed in its sworn duties. It had to be destroyed.
Anarcrothe: (madly, frantically and somewhat confused)
Failed our duties? Idiot! The Circle exists for us, we don't exist for it! Our powers will save or damn Nosgoth at our whim! Stand with us, Mortanius, or die!
Mortanius: Then I shall die!
[A magical battle ensues, with Mortanius the victor.
Anarcrothe lies on the ground with a broken spine, dying, gurgling his death rattle.
Enter Kain.]
Kain: If the Circle is to be destroyed, you have to die as well, Necromancer. I admire your cunning, but you will not escape your fate.
Mortanius: Nay, I will embrace it. But my death will leave one more to take, princeling. Finish me!
[Kain and Mortanius battle.]

Dark Diary: The Pillar of Death[]

Having killed the final guardian, Mortanius, Kain is now confronted by the Dark Entity who had possessed Mortanius and used his body to murder Ariel. The Dark Entity promises that the fall of the pillars is only the "first act" of his plans. Enraged, Kain battles the Dark Entity. [Blood Omen][Blood Omen/11]

File:(13)LoK Blood Omen - Unspoken Emerges

The Pillar of Death

[There is a cracking sound, as the Dark Entity crushes Mortanius' mind and psyche.
His form is slowly twisted.]
The Unspoken: (in what's left of Mortanius' body; evil laughter)
You thought yourself a king when in fact you were a pawn! You have served me well, Kain.
(more laughter)
Kain: (shouting/growling defiantly)
I serve no one!
The Unspoken: (with sarcasm and malignancy)
Indeed. Such narrow vision. Don't you see? My silencing of Ariel, and its calculated repercussions, is but the first act in my theater of Grand Guignol. Of which you are the tragic "hero".
Play on, little vampire, play on...
[Angered, Kain screams as he attacks.]
Kain: Vae Victis!

Dark Diary: Damned if you do[]

Having defeated the Dark Entity, Kain stands alone and Ariel appears, all of the pillars save for the Pillar of Balance have been restored and Kain finally realizes that he is the Balance Guardian, born to replace Ariel and corrupted from birth - only with his death can the Pillars of Nosgoth be restored. Ariel offers Kain the final choice - to heal or damn the world.[Blood Omen][Blood Omen/12]

File:(14)LoK Blood Omen - Kain's Decision

Damned if you do

[Kain defeats the Dark Entity, and stands at the juncture of the Pillars, about to choose his fate. Ariel appears. Nosgoth has almost been restored to its former glory. Only the Pillar of Balance remains corrupted.]
Kain (V. O.): I am the last Pillar. The only survivor of the Circle of Nine.
At my whim the world will be healed or damned.
At my whim.

Dark Diary: Kain Kong[]

Canon Ending: Kain chooses to self preservation and damns the pillars and Nosgoth itself. Sitting in the debris after the Collapse of the Pillars, Kain reflects that Vorador was correct - they are dark gods who must "thin the herd" [Blood Omen][Blood Omen/12]

File:(15b)LoK Blood Omen - Ending (True)

Kain Kong

[If Kain chooses to damn the world:
Kain sits upon a throne of bones, sloppily drinking blood from a goblet.]
Kain (V. O.): Once I embraced my powers I realized that Vorador was correct. We are Gods – dark gods – and it is our duty to thin the herd.
(dark laughter)

Dark Diary: Happy Happy Joy Joy[]

Non-Canon Ending: Kain chooses self sacrifice and Nosgoth is restored. Ariel reflects on Kain's contributions.[Blood Omen][Blood Omen/12]

File:(15a)LoK Blood Omen - Ending (Good)

Happy Happy Joy Joy

[If Kain chooses to heal the world:
Bright sunlit fields and trees, with overcast, turbulent somber sky.]
Ariel: In his life he was unknown. A petty noble.
In death he was unknown.
Yet by choosing oblivion he restored Balance to the land.
Shades cast no shadows.

Wiki-Icon-SR2.pngSoul Reaver 2[]


Having defeated his borthers (except Turel) Raziel confronts Kain in the Chronoplast beneath the Oracle's Cave. They debate Kain's beliefs on Fate and Free will and the morality of Kain's resurrection of Sarafan saints to serve him in his empire. After a brief scuffle, Kain escapes through a time portal and Raziel follows, being met by Moebius on the other side.[Soul Reaver][Soul Reaver/15][Soul Reaver 2][Soul Reaver 2/Prologue]

File:Soul Reaver 2 Opening Cutscene


[Raziel enters the Chronoplast chamber, and surveys its tiered walkways and arcane dials, noting both the mysterious device suspended from the domed ceiling, and the undulating portal on the far side of the chamber. None of this interests him. He is looking for Kain.
Raziel hears a voice, and Kain reveals himself as he steps out from the shadows of the upper tier.]
Raziel: At last.
I must say I'm disappointed in your progress. I imagined you would be here sooner.
Tell me – did it trouble you to murder your brothers?
[Raziel slowly descends the stairway, keeping his eyes locked on Kain.]
Raziel: Did it trouble you when you ordered me into the Abyss?
[Kain's only response is ironic laughter. He steps back toward one of the arcane dials and prepares to turn it.]
Kain: Eternity is relentless, Raziel.
When I first stole into this chamber, centuries ago, I did not fathom the true power of knowledge.
[Kain throws the switch, and the Chronoplast device responds.]
Kain: To know the future, Raziel – to see its paths and streams tracing out into the infinite...
As a man, I could never have contained such forbidden truths.
But each of us is so much more than we once were.
Do you not feel with all your soul how we have become like gods?
And as such, are we not indivisible? As long as a single one of us stands, we are legion...
[Kain descends the main staircase, and moves toward the second-tier dials.]
Kain: Our futures are predestined –
Moebius foretold mine aeons ago. We each play out the parts fate has written for us.
Free will is an illusion.
[Kain punctuates his statement by throwing the second switch. Raziel glares up at him from the floor of the chamber.]
Raziel: I found the Tomb of Sarafan, Kain.
How could you profane a priest by turning him into a vampire?
[Furious, Raziel launches himself at Kain – who easily stops Raziel in mid-air with one hand, and holds him by the throat, at arm's length.]
Kain: How could I not?
One must keep his friends close, Raziel – and his enemies even closer.
[Kain effortlessly hurls Raziel to the lower floor of the chamber, and then drops down himself, approaching Raziel's sprawled figure.]
Kain: Who better to serve me than those whose passion transcends all notions of good and evil?
[Raziel rises slowly, enraged and humiliated, and wheels on Kain.]
Raziel: The Sarafan were saviors, defending Nosgoth from the corruption that we represent.
My eyes are opened, Kain – I find no nobility in the unlife you rudely forced on my unwilling corpse!
[Raziel lunges at Kain. Kain evades the blow, but Raziel attacks again and pins Kain against the wall, his forearm to his throat.
Kain is unfazed by Raziel's attack – he is composed, even slightly amused. He allows Raziel to pin him there momentarily, and continues to taunt him, their faces inches apart.]
Kain: You may have uncovered your past, but you know nothing of it. You think the Sarafan were noble, altruistic?
[Kain breaks Raziel's grip and propels him away with a blast of telekinetic energy. Raziel flies backward and slams into a buttress with bone-shattering force.
Kain laughs and moves toward the final dial.]
Kain: Don't be simple.
Their agenda was the same as ours.
[Kain throws the final switch. The arms of the Chronoplast device descend, and the portal flares into life.]
Kain: (mockingly)
You nearly had me, Raziel...
[Kain vanishes in a flash of light, and reappears on the upper tier, in front of the portal.]
Kain: But this is not where – or how – it ends. Fate promises more twists before this drama unfolds completely.
[Kain turns and strides deliberately through the portal. Raziel gets to his feet and races up the stairway. He pauses briefly, then leaps through the portal to pursue Kain.
Raziel finds himself floating in darkness, and hears an unfamiliar voice calling to him out of the ether. As Raziel drifts to the floor and the chamber coalesces, Moebius the Time Streamer steps out of the mist to greet him.]
Moebius: Raziel...
Redeemer and destroyer.
Pawn and messiah.
Welcome, time-spanned soul.
Welcome... to your destiny.

Dark Chronicle: Arrival[]

Raziel arrives in the history preceding Blood Omen in a Time-streaming chamber within the Sarafan Stronghold and is met by Time Guardian Moebius. Well aware of Moebius's reputation for deceit, Raziel brandishes the Wraith Blade and finds it is disabled by Moebius's Staff. Moebius meanwhile reveals that they were familiar when Raziel was one of the Sarafan, during his human life. In the nearby Circle's gathering-room Moebius explains Vorador's Slaughter of the Circle and speaks of the crusade his mercenary army leads against the vampires of Nosgoth. Moebius finally reveals that Kain awaits him at the Pillars and encourages Raziel to seek his revenge.[Soul Reaver 2][Soul Reaver 2/1]



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