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"Filled with dull tomes of trite accounts by a pompous historian about matters that could not possibly be of interest to anyone but herself."
―Kain (paraphrased for ironic promotion of Dark Chronicle)[src]

Dark Chronicle is a Legacy of Kain fan website, founded and maintained by Marie "Ardeth Silvereni" Tryhorn (née Walter).

Marie first became involved with the Legacy of Kain fan community in 2001, joining the fan discussion forums at Nosgothic Realm. With the release of Soul Reaver 2 there was a need for a readily-available transcript of that game's dialogue online, as the equivalent resources for Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain and Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver - both available on the Nosgothic Realm website - were frequently referred to in the forums' debates. The Dark Chronicle website was initially conceived to address that need and its name was inspired by that purpose: it was also the name of the in-game transcript of Soul Reaver 2's cutscenes.

Over time, Dark Chronicle's content was expanded upon to include its "unofficial Encyclopædia Nosgothica"; an A to Z reference of characters, places and creatures etc. in the series, and it is best known for this reference. The website has had several redesigns and rewrites since its establishment in 2002, following (and causing) periods where the site has not been updated.

The current incarnation of the Dark Chronicle website notably contains its A to Z reference, lists of game-specific weapons and upgrades etc., and aims to preserve original sources of official Legacy of Kain information, including Silicon Knights' Blood Omen FAQ. It also seeks to promote activities in the Legacy of Kain fan community via Facebook and Twitter accounts.