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Daniel Cabuco is a renown artist and has been a game industry veteran for several decades. He studied at Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, California and his passion for video games got him working in companies such as NovaLogic, Crystal Dynamics, and The Collective. [1]

During his work on Soul Reaver, Daniel was not meant originally to help out with the monster designs but was given the lead enemy artist role through its development. He was responsible for improving the look of all the enemies in the game from their prototype designs. He was the art lead/director on all of the remaining Legacy of Kain titles and his artistic style had a huge influence on the visage of these games. While he left to work on Buffy the Vampire Slayer after Soul Reaver 2, he came back to work on Defiance mid-development as an art director while also starting to work on Tomb Raider: Legend. He eventually fully moved over to Tomb Raider development team after LOK: Defiance.

In January 2013, Daniel started his own forums titled DCab Design Forum where he would answer many fan questions and post artwork. While no longer used actively, it still remains a useful treasure trove of important information not found elsewhere (you can find the summary of all the questions and answers here). At present he has an active Patreon website Sanctuary of Kain where he shares never before seen artwork and hosts monthly live sessions for his patrons.




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