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Chapter 2: The Den: Creatures of the Night was the second Level of Blood Omen 2 . It followed Kain through the Smuggler's Den ; from him leaving the Slums until he found the Smuggler's Tunnel and passage to the Lower City .



After leaving the slums, Umah told Kain to seek the Smuggler's Tunnel that would take him onto The Lower City, where Sanctuary was based. To this end Kain met a Cabal Contact in the T&A Tavern who gave him directions to the Smuggler's Tunnel. Passing through an industrial complex, Kain was stopped by his first encounter with a traitor vampire and first Boss battle against former legionnaire, Faustus. Kain was able to kill Faustus and 'absorb his veins' gaining the Dark Gift Jump[Blood Omen 2].



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Cinematic 1 - Introduction[]

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Cinematic 2 - The Tavern[]

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Cinematic 3 - Faustus[]

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  • In the Tavern, when the barkeep calls two Sarafan guards upon spotting Kain, the guards will not enter the building, instead remaining outside and observing through the windows[Blood Omen 2].
  • The Smuggler's Den level was noted by designer Paul Cazarez as having been redesigned during development (with the original design for the level allowing the player to see all they way from start to finish);for memory purposes, sections were cut up and re-arranged to mask loading times[1] (a notable leftover that can be observed in the final game is the position of the moon which swaps sides depending upon the part of the level Kain was in[Blood Omen 2]). The level was also designed to give the player the opportunity to backtrack so that the scenery would not be wasted and many early encounters and puzzles were designed to encourage players to use Kain's starting Dark Gifts - Fury and Mist.[1]

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