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The Courtier is a minor character in Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain. He was a courtier loyal to King Ottmar, and briefly encountered Kain in Willendorf Castle.


"The King sees no one! He is in mourning for the princess!"
―The Courtier[src]

In the events of Blood Omen, after slaying Azimuth in Avernus Cathedral and restoring the Pillar of Dimension, Kain was directed by the specter of Ariel to prevent the legions of the Nemesis from conquering Nosgoth.[Blood Omen/8][Blood Omen/9] To further this goal, Kain mastered the power to Beguile humans, and traveled to Willendorf in hopes of attaining King Ottmar's support.[Blood Omen/9]

As Kain strode through the halls of Willendorf Castle, he found his path blocked by the Courtier. He ordered the man to move aside: "out of my way peasant! The stench of the fields hangs over you like a pall"! In response, the Courtier informed him that Ottmar was still engaged in mourning for the Princess of Willendorf, and would see no-one. Unimpressed, Kain grabbed him by the neck and shoved him aside. Before approaching the monarch, he coldly declared to the attendant that Ottmar would "be in mourning for his kingdom soon. And he'll mourn for you even sooner if you don't get out of my way"![Blood Omen/9]

The Courtier was not seen again. It is unclear whether he was involved in the Battle of the Last Stand, and his fate in the second timeline and beyond remains ambiguous.[Blood Omen]