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The Spiky Attire is a set of clothing worn by Kain in the latter stages of Blood Omen 2.[1]


Kain wears the 'armor' in Chapter 10:the Wharves and Chapter 11:The Hylden City and is seen wearing it in the final cutscenes of the game.

The costume consisted of a red and black undersuit, with golden armor worn over it. The golden armor came with accompanying gauntlets and kneepads and much of the armor had ornate designs that tailed off into 'spikes'[Blood Omen 2].


  • None of the attire Kain wears in Blood Omen 2 is formally named, the title "Spiky Attire" is conjecture based upon the prominent spikes seen as part of the armor.
  • Like the Golden Pads attire, the golden parts of the spiky attire have several faces or creatures in the design that might explain the spiky look of the costume. One shoulder pad has a design that resembles a Lesser Demon and the spikes could match up to be 'legs' or wings of this creature, there is also an interesting 'face' on the back of the armor[Blood Omen 2].

  • It is unusual that Kain would begin to wear this attire upon entering the Wharves ; though the attire is likely more resistant to damage than his other attires (with more 'armor' sections), it is also undoubtedly the costume that would make Kain 'stand out' the most.
  • Concept Art for this costume appears on artist Steve A Ross' Website, where it is labelled simply as "Costume D".


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