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The Golden Pads Attire is a set of clothing seen worn by Kain in Blood Omen 2.

Kain wears this 'armor' in Chapter 4: The Upper City, Chapter 5: The Sarafan Keep and Chapter 6: The Industrial Quarter . The Attire consisted of a charcoal grey tunic with a red trim with several golden metallic pads at joints[Blood Omen 2].


  • None of the Attire Kain wears in Blood Omen 2 is formally named, the name 'Golden Pads' attire is conjecture based on the distinctive features of the costume. Prima's Official Blood Omen 2 Guide, refers to the 'Golden Pads' attire as a 'nobleman disguise'.[1]
  • This attire is hinted to be the equivalent of Kain's Beguile ability from Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, or at least related to it. As Kain sets out from Sanctuary, Vorador hints that Kain has "the ability to disguise [his] presence." The ability from BO1 states that Kain is able to shrug off the guise of death and appear as a nobleman, which is what this clothing resembles.
  • Early trailers for Blood Omen 2 show this attire with a much larger collar - suggesting it was trimmed down during development


  1. Icon-Prima.png"Disguised as a nobleman to blend in with the populace, Kain takes a Gondola to the Upper City. The Cathedral is clearly visible as the city's most impressive landmark, but you won't be able to just waltz inside to speak with the Bishop. The Sarafan Lord has imposed a curfew, and the numerous Sarafan Guards patrolling the area are looking for you. It is likely that Kain will also encounter more traitorous vampires aligned with the Sarafan." Prima Games. Prima's Official Strategy Guide to Blood Omen 2(2002). Page 32. ISBN 0-7615-3774-0