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"Coorhagen, my home, the finest city in all of Nosgoth, rich in vanity and conceit. I had no delusions as to the welcome I would receive."
―Kain — Listen (file info)[src]

Coorhagen was a major human settlement that was visited by Kain in the course of Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain. The town was located north of Vasserbünde and north east of Malek's Bastion. Kain passed through the settlement on his way to Malek's Bastion in the chapter The Hunt for Malek. It was notably Kain's hometown before his murder.


Plague ridden bodies in Coorhagen

Coorhagen was the city of Kain's human birth, it was situated north of Vasserbünde and was visited by Kain in Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain. Kain was to return to Coorhagen during Blood Omen on the way to Malek's Bastion, by the time he returned to Coorhagen he found the city had been overrun by the Plague, which had ravaged the city, leaving carts full of bodies littering the streets and blocking many of the paths through the city, consequently Kain had to use a maze of underground chambers and dungeons to progress. Underground Kain could find the Repel Dungeon and the Bone Armor Dungeon - and he could optionally discover the Inspire Hate Dungeon. He also found his first Pentalich of Tarot and Anti-Toxin artifacts.

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"Death and disease stalked these streets. Bodies lay, most in the very spots in which fate had taken them. A perfect homecoming."
―Kain — Listen (file info)[src]


Nosgoth materials suggested that the town continued to exist into the events of Soul Reaver and that in the early years of Kain's empire, the town was controlled by the Vampires and was home to a number of human blood-farms and breeding-pens, beneath a colossus in the form of Kain himself. As such a strategic target, the town was among the first areas attacked by humans in the War for Nosgoth.

Design and Layout[]

Coorhagen is one of Nosgoth's largest cities at the time of Blood Omen, with 52 discrete buildings, however few can be entered and most that are accessible are linked to the underground dungeons found in the area.

Businesses and Landmarks[]

  • Two businesses can be made out by their signs, both are accessible but neither is named. One is a tavern in the centre of the town and the other is a blacksmith in the north-east.
  • Three Dungeons can be found linking houses underground.
    • The Repel Dungeon links the open building in the west of central Coorhagen to an building in the centre of town, bridging the first and second overland sections.
    • The Bone Armor Dungeon links the north-east open building to the south-east open building, bridging the second and third overland sections,
    • The Inspire Hate Dungeon links the large building in the centre of the north east square to one of the buildings in the north of the town, bridging the third to the final overland section of the town.
  • Five additional houses can be entered. The first is just outside the map area of the town, a pair are encountered in succession in the south of the town, one in the north of the second section between the tavern and the Bone armor dungeon, and the last in the far north of town nearby the exit of the town.
  • The Font of Putrescence Spirit Forge can be found in a moon gated cave just before the entrance to Coorhagen.
  • Three Secrets can be found in the area nearby Coorhagen. The Inspire Hate Dungeon and the Font of Putrescence Spirit forge both count as secrets. The third secret is found in a fork in the trail to the south near the exit of Vasserbünde in a spur which is blocked by a stone requiring a mace to break.
  • A bat beacon can be found in the region north of Coorhagen


The version of Coorhagen seen in the alpha versions of Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain externally appears to be quite similar to its retail counterpart, with some minor changes to house design, signage and the enemies encountered. There are however a number of more significant changes around the town and in its underground dungeons:

  • The forked trail in the section south of Coorhagen contains a dead end and a secret in retail. In the alpha the trail continues off screen and joins up with an exit to Nupraptor's Retreat high on the cliffs that is not present in retail. Part of the trail can be seen - but not accessed - into the retail version, but the exit from Nupraptor's will make Kain use Bat Form to return to the Pillars instead.
  • The Font of Putrescence spirit forge has a simpler square shaped entry way and there is lacking the moon gate seen in retail.
  • The Repel Dungeon is present and of a similar design but does not contain the Repel spell. Instead a pair of deleted spells are gained - Force Shield and Magic Absorb. A different original Repel Dungeon is encountered later in the game on the path to Dark Eden.
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  • The Bone Armor Dungeon is similar to its retail counterpart with only minor changes such as switch design.
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  • The Inspire Hate Dungeon is not an optional secret in the alpha and is instead a compulsory part of the level that must be completed to progress. The progress through Coorhagen flow directly to and from the entrance and exit of the dungeon with no choice to go elsewhere. Some of its rooms are rearranged or changed.
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  • Some house interiors are altered or have their theming changed.
    • At least one extra house interior - which is present in the files but not connected to the game world - can be found in the alpha which may be connected to Coorhagen. It features a house with a frozen icy interior with a climate and room numbering which places it somewhere close to the area. The room is deleted in later builds.
  • The bat beacon area north of Coorhagen is altered. In the alpha there is more snow and a plain flat tundra, where retail presents the area with mud patches and cliffs surrounding the beacon.


"Years ago, word reached us of a strange pestilence that had laid siege to a few remote villages far east. But the rumors failed to prepare us for the horror that was the Plague."
―Kain — Listen (file info)[src]

Kain comments on the plague that seized Coorhagen as he entered, noting that it had ravaged a few remote villages far east. It is not known which villages these were and no other Nosgothic settlement seen so far exhibits any sign of the plague. Some fans have speculated that there is a link between The Plague seen in Coorhagen and the creatures seen in Dark Eden; as the ruined settlements on the path to Dark Eden are possible candidates for former 'Plague Villages'.

It is likely that Kain's presence in Ziegsturhl at the start of Blood Omen was because he was fleeing the plague that had seized Coorhagen. The Plague also made Kain's visit to his next target, Malek's Bastion, that bit more difficult, as Kain could not feed on tainted blood in Coorhagen, or the magical Blood in the Bastion.

As Kain himself notes, Coorhagen was loyal to Willendorf and many tapestries had Ottmar's Lion sigil on them.

Coorhagen has some interesting floor murals; as well as many which appear to represent death and there is a prominent 'grim reaper' mural. Along with this, there is a mural of the Iron Sword, which given the nature of 'power-up' related murals in Blood Omen may suggest that the Iron Sword was meant to be collected by Kain in Coorhagen; this may also imply that in early versions, Kain was meant to start the game here. None of these theories is supported in currently known builds.

Coorhagen is one of the few areas where the ghost enemies can be discovered. In the final game the class is exceeding rare and is only found in the basements outside the Inspire Hate Dungeon, but prototype builds reveal that the class was originally intended to be more widespread with them notably found in the graveyards surrounding the early version of the Energy Bolt Dungeon.






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