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"This spell allows me to enslave my enemies, giving me control of their bodies. When I release my grip, their bodies will shrivel and die, as I displace their souls, and replace them with my own."
―Kain — Listen (file info)

The Control Mind spell was acquired and used by Kain during the events of Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain. It was located inside the ruins of one of the Three Keeps within the Termogent Forest. With this spell Kain could throw a magic projectile that allowed him to replace a Human's Soul with his own, completely taking control of his victim's body and it's actions. While possessing an enemy, Kain's soul-absent body would be protected against all damage by a Repel barrier. The body possessed by Kain would immediately perish if it sustained enough damage or if the spell's grip was released, allowing him to regain control of his real body. This spell was indeed necessary to proceed through certain mazes of the game where Kain needed to activate certain unreachable switches. Eventually this spell was superseded by the Spirit Wrack spell, with which he could also possess other inhuman beings as well. This spell was useless against bosses and other creatures, like demons or mutants.


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