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Charm was a dark gift used by Kain, that was featured in Blood Omen 2. Kain gained the gift in Chapter 4: The Upper City after absorbing the veins of Marcus.


Charm was the ability to "subjugate [mortal] minds"[1] and control their actions, as long as they were nearby. In practice only non-aggressive (NPC) Human characters could be Charmed.[2][3][4] When activated, a circular targeting reticle appeared, that could be manually aimed, although it would automatically 'lock-on' to NPC or enemy character close to the target. Ordinarily, the target was purple in color (indicating no lock), but would change red if an enemy character was targeted (these could not be charmed) or white if an NPC was targeted, when activated, Kain 'projected' the view towards the character and players were then able to control the NPC in place of Kain. Kain could be seen from the NPC's point of view as closing his eyes and holding his fingers to his temples, but unprotected by any kind of shield. Charmed NPC's were generally used to activate levers and switches outside of Kain's reach, but they could also be used to lure enemies as the ordinary 'jumping' button made NPC's call out for help[Blood Omen 2].

Kain gained thisDark Gift in Chapter 4:The Upper City, when he ran into traitor vampire Marcus. Marcus attempted to control Kain through the use of this Dark Gift, but failed, instead being able to read Kain's thoughts and learn of his mission to reach the Bishop of Meridian[1](When Kain gained the ability he is notably unable to use this facet of the Dark Gift) Marcus had evolved the gift originally and used it quite often, most notably throughout the chase with Kain to reach the Bishop's Manor (and back to the Cathedral), when Marcus used it repeatedly to summon Sarafan priests to attack Kain, it was also used to by him to silence the Bishop of Meridian when Kain wanted to know how to enter the Sarafan Keep.[5] Upon killing Marcus (in a boss battle), Kain was granted this ability too.[3]


  • The targeting reticle of Charm is the same as the one used for the Telekinesis Dark Gift[Blood Omen 2].
  • Some enemies can be temporarily stunned by using Charm on them (whilst the recticle is red), though this will invariably alert them to Kain's presence if they were not already aware[Blood Omen 2].
  • Debug messages whilst using Charm demonstrate several Star Wars references; A Charmed NPC character displays the message "what is thy bidding my master", whilst an attempt to charm an enemy will display the message "your jedi mind tricks will not work on me", 'occupied' characters such as Chained humans or NPC's in conversation display the message "I'm too busy to be charmed". Bosses give the message "I can charm myself thank you"[Blood Omen 2].

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