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Charged Attacks were a special attack introduced in Defiance.

Both Kain and Raziel were able to use charged attacks by raising their Reaver charge to a certain level by striking Reaver Charge Stones or enemies, or by Feeding the Reaver. Charged attacks were automatically activated when the Reaver Gauge was filled as The Reaver glowed; they could be used instead of relying on a blast from a Reaver Spell attack. Each Reaver enhancement had a different Charged Attack.

Charged Attack Effects
Reaver Enhancement Charged AttackEffect
Spectral Reaver Strikes cause more damage

Material Reaver

Strikes cause more damage
Dark Reaver Homing mini Shades spawned
Light Reaver Stuns struck enemies
Fire Reaver Ignites struck enemies
Air Reaver Spins struck enemies
Water Reaver Freezes struck enemies
Earth Reaver Damage mirrored on nearby enemies
Spirit Reaver Major Damage to struck enemies
'Balance' Reaver Strikes cause more damage
Flame Reaver Burns struck enemies
Dimension Reaver Damage mirrored on nearby enemies
Lightning Reaver 'Chained Lightning'
Time Reaver 'Slows struck enemies
The Soul Reaver Strikes cause more damage


The mechanic of filling the Reaver gauge is clearly reminiscent of Kain's Rage Bar in Blood Omen 2 (which was filled by blocking attacks) and Raziel's Reaver Coil in Soul Reaver 2 (filled by attacking with the Wraith Blade)

The Charged Attacks fill out the extra abilities intended for the Reavers Raziel obtained in Soul Reaver 2.

The Soul Reavers Charged Attack is ineffective ingame, this is probably because it was only intended to be used during the final boss sequence with The Elder God .