Chained Humans,[1] also known as Captives[2] or Prisoners[3] were ordinary Humans who, for unexplained reasons, were being held captive by various factions or individuals . Effectively, they provided free Blood to Kain to replenish his health. They were featured particularly throughout the Blood Omen arc of the series.

Chained Humans were first featured in Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, where Kain first encountered Humans chained in his mausoleum after rising from his grave. Chained humans were thereafter featured numerous times throughout Blood Omen, providing Kain an opportunity to feed without the risk of combat. Chained Humans in Blood Omen resembled that games peasant class NPCs and could be fed from straight away, and did not require 'killing'[2][Blood Omen].

Chained Humans returned in Blood Omen 2, where their appearance changed to resemble NPC classes in that game. When Kain arose from his slumber in Chapter 1:the Slums, Umah took him to feed (and retrain him), taking him to a nearby chained human to feed. Thereafter chained humans were featured throughout Blood Omen 2, (though not as often as in Blood Omen) allowing Kain to feed without combat. They were similarly given no explanation, though were more often featured in expected locations (dungeons and prisons). As Blood Omen 2 had no waver state, chained humans to be killed before Kain could feed from them.[4]

Defiance saw the last appearance of Chained Humans in the series and saw them finally get a distinct character model (for males and females, dressed in simple dirty rags, though there was effectively no difference between the two[5]). They are seen mostly in dungeons and prison areas in locations such as in the Sarafan Stronghold and Vorador's Mansion. Chained Humans offered Kain (and on occasion Raziel) the opportunity to feed without risking combat and once again, did not require killing to feed from them[Defiance]. Defiance's chained humans held an element of risk however as their weakened mental and physical state made them particularly susceptible to Hylden Possession (becoming the Possessed or the Transformed).[6]


  • Though essentially treated as a health power-up, chained humans are arguably vital to Kain's character development in Blood Omen, as Kain learns that to survive his must kill helpless Humans.
  • The Blood Omen Prima Guide refers to Captives as part of its notes on feeding and in its walkthrough; it also highlights that "Citizens in bed function as captives".[2] The Blood Omen 2 Prima Guide only refers to the class in its walkthrough section, naming them variously as a Prisoners[3] and Shackled Humans.[7] The Defiance Prima Guide treats them as discrete enemy class, Chained Humans;[1] and notes the individual variants as Chained Female and Chained Male[5] both are credited with a single Special Attack - Hylden Possession, where the prisoners become the Possessed.[6] The Defiance classes are listed as "chained_f" and "chained_m" for the female and male respectively.


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