The Bone Sword was a deleted weapon that Kain was intended to have gained in Blood Omen .[1] The reasons for its removal are unknown.

Little is known about the appearance, in game abilities or effects of the Bone Sword, though the name suggests it was a companion to the existing Bone Armor and may have shared some of its benefits[2]

The hilt of the Bone Sword is part of Voardor's Hybrid sword, which Vorador wields against Malek in cutscenes featuring his battle with the Paladin..


Vorador seems to have some relation to this blade (which is perhaps unsurprising given his skill at forging weapons, revealed in Defiance ), not only does Vorador wield a Hybrid Sword which has the hilt of the deleted Bone Sword (and a shorter Soul Reaver blade),[1] he is also seen to wield the same hilt but with a straight blade in concept art around the borders of one of the Blood Omen Maps, suggesting this is probably the deleted Bone Sword.[2] Vorador's relation to the blade could also suggest Kain was to have gained the Bone Sword from Vorador.



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