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Blood basins, also known simply as Basins were a set of objects used by Raziel in the puzzle to ascend Janos Audron's Retreat in Soul Reaver 2.


The Blood Basins were a set of objects that were crucial to solving the puzzle inside the inner sanctum of Janos Audron's Retreat and ascending to Janos's chamber in Soul Reaver 2.[Soul Reaver 2]

The Blood Basins themselves were large blue, white and golden containers marked with arcane symbols. Basins were placed in several locations throughout Janos Audron's Retreat and these could be activated by pouring Blood from a full basin to an appropriate empty one using a special chalice. Once the appropriate basin was filled, it would create a Bloodstone bridge which allowed Raziel to ascend to a higher level of the retreat. [Soul Reaver 2][Soul Reaver 2 strategy guide (Prima)]

Raziel first encountered a Blood basin shortly after entering the ground floor of Janos's retreat. As he entered the chamber, a Blood-filled basin was apparent in the center of the room, along with an empty Blood chalice on a small pedestal. Clearing the chamber of its hazards, Raziel was able to fill the chalice from the basin and move up to a higher level, where he poured the contents into a second empty basin, marked by several arcane symbols surrounding it on the floor and an illuminated lamp. When this basin was filled it created a Bloodstone bridge which allowed Raziel to ascend to reach the inner sanctum of Janos's retreat. In the Inner Sanctum, Raziel would use the same technique on four occasions. With each, he found a full Blood basin and transported its contents using a chalice to an identified empty basin, spawning a Bloodstone bridge and enabling Raziel to reach further up the chamber, until he reached Janos's chamber.[Soul Reaver 2][Soul Reaver 2 strategy guide (Prima)]


  • Blood basins are referred to as "bludbasn" in game files. They also bear subtle Fire symbols.[Soul Reaver 2]
  • Several subtle clues pointed to the location of the appropriate empty Blood basin. When each basin was activated, the next would be indicated by a flickering fire-lamp above the empty basin. Empty basins were also marked with blue colored arcane symbols, whilst those that were activated glowed red.[Soul Reaver 2]
  • According to the object types listed in the game manual, Blood basins are classified as "Contextual Objects" - indicating they cannot be moved and can only be interacted with as part of the environment.[Soul Reaver 2 manual]