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Prima's Official Strategy Guide to Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen 2 is the official game guide to Blood Omen 2, published by the 'Prima Games' division of Random House publishing.


  • Getting Started (gameplay basics)
  • Stage-by-stage Boss Strategies
  • Full Walkthrough (with highlighted Objectives and Puzzle Solutions)


  • The Blood Omen 2 Prima Guide seems to have been based on an earlier build of Blood Omen 2 and there are several details that differ from the finished retail version; including different symbols for the Dark Gifts (indicating their 'predecessors') and different signs for the Tavern.
  • Lacking a section for enemies or NPC variants, the guide can be somewhat inconsistent (or inaccurate) in the names it assigns to enemy and NPC classes in the main walkthrough.
  • The guide was written by Mark Androvich and Tim Lindquist is credited with "Layout and design."