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Berserk is a combat orientated dark gift that Kain gains and utilises in Blood Omen 2.

As with other 'combat' dark gifts, Berserk required Kain's Rage Bar to be filled to a certain level (approx two-thirds filled) before it could be used.[1] Once Kain had filled the Rage bar to the required level, Kain and his weapon would glow red indicating the ability was ready to be used. Once activated, Berserk consisted of a flurry of fast, "devastating" attacks,[2] ending with the last strike and enemy falling away in slow motion.[3] Berserk was essentially an upgrade of Kain's existing combat Dark Gift, Fury, which it effectively superseded. The animation of Kain's Berserk 'combo' varied depending upon the weapon he wielded whilst using it[Blood Omen 2].

Kain gained Berserk after defeating and absorbing the veins of Sebastian in Chapter 6: The Industrial Quarter.[2][4]


  • Berserk can be used earlier than intended by the use of Bonus mode. Notably, early bosses will skip to the next phase of the battle when it is used (usage of the more advanced Combat Dark Gift Immolate generally finished the fight, cutting to the end cinematic)[Blood Omen 2].
  • Originally the Berserk Dark Gift would have been the first 'combat' Dark Gift acquired by Kain (as Fury was a late addition to the development of Blood Omen 2). Berserk was also originally quite different in its use; being known as 'Speed ' and being more similar in nature to Slow Time artefacts from Blood Omen, slowing enemies movements (whilst increasing Kain 's). This also better reflects Sebastian's use of the gift.[5]

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